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Chemical Peels and Dermaplaning

These take many forms from very mild to very aggressive and are the time-honored treatment of most kinds of skin problems. Peels specifically and predictably can improve skin wrinkles, texture, pigmentation and some degree of looseness. They are customized to your anatomy, lifestyle, and what you have and what you want done. The basic feature is how deep your skin problems are, and how deep you need to peel, and do you want to do this in one treatment at or in several partial treatments.

_MG_1713On the low end of the spectrum are enzyme and herbal peels that can cause minor exfoliation and be performed by patients at home and almost on a daily basis. Next, light (superficial) epidermal peeling can be provided by glycolic peels or a slightly deeper peel in the form of Jessner’s solution.

Glycolic peels contain medical concentrations of glycolic that are administered in the office and need to be presented as a program with frequent intervals in the beginning, increasing the duration and concentration of glycolic as tolerated with each visit until a stable endpoint of improvement is obtained at which time maintenance is begun. These are comfortable and heal quickly so there is very little downtime. I have seen nice improvement in fine wrinkle lines, texture, and coloration and even softening of medium depth wrinkle lines with this program.

The next level of peel offered in my office is the medium depth peel. The most popular product is low concentrations (15-30%) TCA (tri chloro acetic acid). There are many great indications for its usage. It is an excellent “refresher” minimal downtime peel that can be frequently safely repeated for cumulative benefits. I also like to offer it for use in the nonfacial areas such as the chest, hands, and arms. I also use this to feather the edges of demarcation along and into the neck when I use deeper (laser or phenol peel) treatments to the face. I suggest this as a “jump-start” to the patients on the bleaching program in which cases it works extremely well. It is an excellent stand-alone treatment for such things as the fine wrinkles of lower eyelids.


Dermaplaning is a very gentle, superficial exfoliation of the upper most layer of dead skin.  This treatment also removes vellus hair from the face.  This treatment can also be done in conjunction with chemical peels.

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