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The latest in innovativeCosmetic excellence

Dr. Sam Sukkar and his team at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery believe in results. As such, we've compiled a full array of rejuvenating treatments for our patients, each of which is backed by relentless experience and a dedication to technologically proven techniques. Whether you wish to address your face, breasts or body, top Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Sukkar has eliminated the guesswork. Read below to learn more about our offerings.

An introduction to Dr. Sukkar andThe Clinic for Plastic Surgery

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Your Doctor’s Favorite Plastic Surgeon

Sam Sukkar MD, FACS

With more than 10,000 procedures performed and over 20 years of experience, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sam M. Sukkar is known for delivering some of the most innovative cosmetic and plastic surgery in Houston, TX.

After graduating summa cum laude with a bachelor of science in microbiology, he achieved his medical degree at Louisiana State University School of Medicine. From there, he underwent complete training in general surgery at the renowned University of Texas Hermann Hospital, before completing his plastic surgery fellowship at the highly competitive Northwestern University.

Dr. Sukkar routinely gets referrals from other surgeons and general practitioners who have seen his work firsthand as fellow care providers... and as his patients. If you're looking for the absolute best plastic surgery Houston has to offer, look no further than Dr. Sukkar. He’s the surgeon other surgeons trust.

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Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sam Sukkar
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The Clinic Forplastic Surgery

The “go-to” destination for cutting-edge cosmetic care in Texas.

Dr. Sukkar performs his procedures at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery in Clear Lake. The Clinic for Plastic Surgery is Houston’s most upscale standalone plastic surgery and aesthetic center. From the moment you walk into our gorgeous welcoming room for your consultation, you will be surrounded by comfort and opulence.

When the time comes for your procedure, you will be safe and comfortable in our private surgery and recovery suites. Every amenity will be provided for you and for your surgery companion, should you require someone to drive you home following your procedure. Dr. Sukkar helped design The Clinic for Plastic Surgery from the ground up to make sure each moment in your Houston plastic surgery journey receives the attention to detail it deserves.

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Featured Plastic Surgery Procedures

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Houston high definition liposuction patient model

High Def Liposuction

We live in an era of high definition, not just on our screens but also on our bodies. Advances in liposuction technology allow Dr. Sukkar to create a high def liposuction plan that meticulously sculpts your physique to match the image of your ideal shape. Hi def lipo gets rid of persistent body fat while toning the skin and defining muscles for results that look great... even in HD!

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Houston breast augmentation patient

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is about feel as much as it is about looks. You want the confidence and beauty that come with breast augmentation, but not at the expense of being able to move gracefully or pursue your passions. Dr. Sukkar believes the best breast augmentation results strike that balance. He works with each patient to find the perfect form to fit their lifestyles.

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Houston breast lift patient

Breast Lift with Augmentation

Breast augmentation alone can provide some relief to sagging breasts. However, if you really want to maximize the effect of surgery, adding a breast lift to your breast augmentation gives Dr. Sukkar the ability to sculpt the position of your breasts on the body, as well as the size. This combination procedure offers incredible versatility and stunning results.

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Houston mommy makeover patient

Mommy Makeover

Your kids are growing. They’re done breastfeeding. But your body isn’t done changing. The changes you went through as a mother to bring life into the world and keep it nourished take their toll on how you look and feel. Dr. Sukkar can help you reclaim your body with a Mommy Makeover designed to restore your breasts, abs, and thighs to a shape that feels like you again.

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female Houston facelift patient

Facelift with Full Facial Rejuvenation

The facelift is one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery but also among the most misunderstood. People think a facelift will solve all wrinkles and sagging skin, but most facelifts only help the middle and lower portions of the face. That’s why Dr. Sukkar uses innovative eye, eyelid, and facial fat grafting procedures to ensure his facelifts provide full facial rejuvenation.

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woman after Houston phenol peel

Phenol Peel

Chemical peels can be found at every plastic surgery office and medspa in Houston. Phenol peels, on the other hand, are much more exclusive. These deep peels require careful application from a trained provider like the ones led by Dr. Sukkar at the Center for Plastic Surgery. These deep peels take longer to recover from, but offer results you just can’t get from a lighter peel.

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Sculpt Your PerfectFace & Body...

Let Dr. Sukkar and his team give you the body you’ve always wanted.

Male Houston plastic surgery patient

what men want

Restore your confidence

Dr. Sukkar and The Clinic for Plastic Surgery are authorities on what men want. We understand the cosmetic enhancements they want to make, and we know how to leverage the latest surgical and non-surgical cosmetic techniques to accomplish the precise objectives they desire.

Non invasive procedure patient

Beyond Surgery

The non-invasive way to get gorgeous

We’re proud to offer a wide range of non-surgical options to improve the aesthetic of many parts of the body without surgery. Some of our most popular ways to go non-invasive include CoolSculpting, Injectables and Liquid Facelifts. Click here for more.

Our PatientsSay it best

“Dr. Sukkar was so great! He performed an under-the-muscle silicone breast augmentation. As a child I had a slight case of scoliosis which left one of my breasts smaller than the other– they look very symmetrical now and I cannot even tell the difference between them. Thank you so much for the transformation!”

— Paige

“My surgery was a huge success, and I know the ones to come will be nothing less than PERFECT. Thank you again for everything you have done and given back to me. You and your staff are the BEST!”

— Lisa

“I went to Dr. Sukkar to obtain a breast lift and to replace my current implants with smaller ones. I have wanted a breast lift for many years. My previous doctor had retired from practicing due to medical reasons. He referred all of his patients to Dr. Sukkar.”

— Donna

“From the initial consultation through post-op appointments, Dr. Sukkar and his staff have been very knowledgeable, caring, informative, and accommodating. I had a tummy tuck procedure with great results. Everything was exactly as the Dr. and his staff had explained and I could not be happier.”

— Robert

“I am so pleased with the results of my surgery. My recovery was so easy and uneventful. It has been about two months since the surgery, and I am back to life as usual here in Maryland, only everything is so much better now. When I’m back in Texas next summer for my annual visit home, I will make a point to stop in and say hello.”

— Katy

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From the first time you walk into The Clinic for Plastic Surgery, you’ll know that you are in a place that cares about results. Under the leadership of Dr. Sukkar, The Clinic for Plastic Surgery has become Houston’s plastic surgery center of choice. Experience the difference for yourself by scheduling a consultation today.

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