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Please take a moment to meet the friendly and knowledgeable staff that helps Dr. Sukkar provide our patients with among the most cutting-edge and innovative cosmetic care available in houston.


Houston Plastic Surgery Staff Laura



With over 15 years of experience in the medical field, Laura has worked as one of Dr. Sukkar’s patient coordinators for over 7 years. Laura is a Physician Assistant, earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from UTMB in Galveston, Texas. Her vibrant personality and genuine concern will calmly guide you through the consultation process. With years of consulting in Plastic Surgery, you will be ensured you’re fully educated regarding your chosen procedures.

Houston Plastic Surgery Staff Leticia



Leticia joined the Clinic for Plastic Surgery with more than 15 years of experience in plastic surgery. As our practice manager and head team leader, she is responsible for overseeing all of the daily operations of the practice, supervising our staff and managing the day-to-day responsibilities. Leticia is constantly looking for new ways to run the practice more efficiently, as well as develop, implement and maintain office policies and procedures.

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She has a wonderful combination of interpersonal and communication skills, and her primary objective is to maintain a smooth-running operation that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Leticia has been dubbed our office’s “mama-bear” and cares for each employee in a unique and special way. When Lety isn’t playing Mom at work, she enjoys spending time with her three (actual) children. Lety and her husband enjoy frequent weekend getaways to Louisiana, and having backyard cookouts for their friends and family.

Houston Plastic Surgery Staff Mary



Mary joined the practice with 15 years of customer service experience. She provides our patients with a personalized experience from their initial consultation throughout their surgical process. Her enthusiasm and compassion will immediately make you feel at home, and she’s always available to answer any questions regarding scheduling concerns, financing options and our procedures. Mary is an exceptional team leader, with an open-door policy to assist any and all coworkers that seek out her help.

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Mary is a native Texan with a daughter and twin sons. In her free time, Mary enjoys traveling to different countries playing a competitive game of golf (she does not like to lose).

Houston Plastic Surgery Staff Jessica



Jessica brought over six years of experience in the field of plastic surgery to our practice. Jessica provides them with in-depth information about our surgical and non-surgical treatments, while addressing all of their questions and concerns. She’s dedicated to educating our patients on the details of their care, and is always available to help you schedule your appointments and procedures.

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Jessica is also an experienced and licensed medical aesthetician, which allows her to offer our clients professional advice on combining their cosmetic care with personalized skincare treatments.

Arguably the nicest person in the office, Jessica has a limitless amount of energy. She flawlessly juggles work life, three children (two of them being under 3 years old), and a loving husband. Any free time Jess has is spent with the kids, or crafting for her friends and coworkers.

Houston Plastic Surgery Staff Kortni



Kortni may be the newest member of the PS team, but she was born to be a SukkarStar! After over 6 years in the aesthetic industry, Kortni found her home at CFPS as our front desk manager. As soon as you walk into our office, Kortni’s warm smile and sweet demeanor is guaranteed to make you feel like part of the family.

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Kortni resides in Houston with her fur-baby, Willow (who is almost as cute & sweet as Kort is). When Kortni isn’t cheering her heart out for the Houston Astros, she enjoys cooking- yum! The PS Team loves when she brings in her latest creations for us to try. Fun Fact: Kortni can juggle! Is there anything this beauty can’t do? Doubtful!

Houston Plastic Surgery Staff Carrie



Carrie joins the PS team with over 16 years of experience in the aesthetic industry. Funny story- Carrie has actually worked with Dr. Sukkar before! After working in facial aesthetics for the past 3 years, Carrie found her way back home to Dr. Sukkar and her Sukkarstar coworkers. With her vast knowledge of cosmetic surgery and her super-sweet demeanor, Carrie is more than qualified to advise you on any of the many surgical procedures Dr. Sukkar offers at CFPS.

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Carrie and her sweetheart have been married over 30 years and are parents to two beautiful children. Though Carrie and her husband are still (somewhat) patiently waiting on real grandchildren, their fur-baby Brodie has promised to never get married or leave the family’s home. Carrie enjoys traveling the world with her hubby, and will often pick up cooking tips to bring back home and try out on her friends. Count us in for your next dinner party, Carrie!

Houston Plastic Surgery Staff Jana



Jana has been a medical licensed aesthetician since 2006. She has received advanced certification in aesthetic medicine from both regional and global leaders in the field, and is certified and trained in Injectables, Lasers and Epidermal Leveling. Her high level of skincare expertise, along with her passion for the medical field of aesthetics, keeps her on the cutting edge and makes her a skilled educator for our clients.

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Jana is a native Californian, but got to Texas as soon as she could. With two boys she nicknames her monkeys, she lives on a small farm in League City where she raises rabbits, a 100-pound tortoise, and a rescue dog named Johnny Cash.

Houston Plastic Surgery Staff Sarah



Sarah joined the team at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery as a licensed aesthetician with a wealth of knowledge in laser treatments and skincare regimens. She is responsible for meeting the needs of our medical spa patients, and encourages them to proactively review their skincare regimen to prevent premature aging. Sarah is also responsible for registering patients, checking out patients, scheduling appointments, and updating/maintaining patient information.

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Her bright and sweet personality is guaranteed to make all patients feel welcome as soon as they come through our doors. Sarah lives in the Clear Lake area, but loves to travel the world alongside her boyfriend. Back in town, Sarah enjoys play-time with her precious nephews. She is also enthralled by suspenseful TV series, and often times will get the entire office hooked on her shows.

Houston Plastic Surgery Staff Danielle



Danielle, the newest member of our team, is a graduate of The University of Texas Medical Branch. She comes to us with several years of clinical experience from the Houston area’s top hospitals, and is eager to learn all of the ends and outs of the cosmetic surgery world. Though Danielle may seem soft spoken, this five-star nurse is incredibly nurturing and compassionate with our patients, establishing a personal relationship with each person who comes through our doors.

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Because of her passion to help those less fortunate, Danielle immediately joined Dr. Sukkar in his efforts to launch the Plastic Surgery from the Heart Foundation.

Danielle, a League City resident, enjoys scary movies and Taco Tuesdays. She takes her morning coffee with three shots of espresso, but definitely also likes to take it easy on the weekends with her family and her dog, Daisy. Currently, Danielle is attempting to teach her coworker Ashley how to skateboard during their lunch breaks, which has proven to be quite a difficult task.

Houston Plastic Surgery Staff Andrea



Andrea joins our team with 3 years of experience in plastics and over 10 years of experience in the medical field. After working as a medical assistant, Andrea quickly realized she was ready to take on the responsibilities of a nurse. She attended nursing school and went straight into pediatrics. She enjoyed working with children but after getting an opportunity to work in the aesthetic medical field, she found her true calling.

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She really enjoys helping patients feel good about themselves and their bodies, and can’t wait to get to know each and every Sukkar patient. Her warm smile and caring heart are sure to put each patient at ease.

Originally from Arkansas, this sassy, two-stepper is a mom to an 8 year old and two fur babies- Jax and June. She currently lives in Deer Park, but goes home to Arkansas to visit her family as often as she can. Andrea has a huge sweet tooth, and a hankering for Mexican food- yum!

Houston Plastic Surgery Staff Ruby



Ruby has been a major asset to the practice for a number of years. With her CNA license in hand, she is currently doing what she loves most – being a certified lymphatic massage practitioner. She uses that expertise to treat our body contouring patients. Those who have benefited from her care value her delicate touch and the tremendous benefits lymphatic massages offer after a body contouring procedure.

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With a genuine passion for working with patients, Ruby is dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy exceptional service and care throughout your visit.

Ruby resides in Houston, Texas with her beautiful mini-me/daughter, Sophia. In their free time, they enjoy their bi-monthly spa dates. Ruby also has a passion for cooking and loves trying out new recipes at her weekly family dinners.

Houston Plastic Surgery Staff Joe and Dennis


Joe and Dennis join the Clinic for Plastic Surgery with a combined total of almost 30 years of experience in the hair restoration industry. After receiving training at the prestigious International Society of Hair Restoration, this dynamic duo has worked all over the country combatting unwanted hair loss. Along with Dr. Sukkar, these hair experts have the knowledge and skills to keep us on the cutting edge of hair restoration innovation.

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Born and raised right here in Houston, these brothers (can you see the resemblance?) love the Bay Area. Joe, a husband and father, is an avid runner and enjoys competing in marathons in his free time. Though not an official runner, Dennis spends his free time running his two kids to and from after-school activities. Dennis and his wife also love to cook and have Joe’s family over for family dinners every Sunday. Maybe next week they’ll invite their newest brother- Dr. Sukkar!

From the first time you walk into The Clinic for Plastic Surgery, you’ll know that you are in a place that cares about results. Under the leadership of Dr. Sukkar, The Clinic for Plastic Surgery has become Houston’s plastic surgery center of choice. Experience the difference for yourself by scheduling a consultation today.

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