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Face & Neck Liposuction

What can face and neck liposuction accomplish?

A delicate liposuction procedure can transform your face. In addition to creating a chiseled and defined appearance, it can make you look years younger by eliminating heaviness that has developed due to the natural aging process.

In addition, the procedure can:

  • Eliminate an unsightly double chin
  • Improve the appearance of heavy jowls
  • Establish more attractive facial contours
  • Create a more defined and contoured jawline
  • Restore a youthful overall look that takes years off your appearance
  • Eliminate sagging skin on the neck
  • Sculpt a slender and more refined face

As we age, fatty deposits tend to accumulate on the chin, neck and jowls, creating an older and less vibrant overall appearance. When this occurs, face and neck liposuction with Dr. Sukkar can eliminate the unwanted volume and restore your refreshed and youthful look.

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