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The Weight Management Program

Achieve your ideal weight loss goals

The Weight Management Program; Preparing For Your Procedure

At The Clinic for Plastic Surgery, we are known for achieving beautiful results in body sculpting and cosmetic enhancements for face and body. Many people who come to our clinic have faced a long struggle with unwanted weight. In some cases, the excess weight makes it unsafe to perform the aesthetic procedures these patients want. To help them become eligible for cosmetic surgery procedures, we have developed a comprehensive, personal Weight Management Program so they achieve their weight loss goals.

Many people come to our clinic for liposuction or other body sculpting technique and cannot gain the benefits of this technology due excess weight, or having a body mass index (BMI) that is too high. Our Weight Management Program is geared to reduce weight and BMI so that body sculpting and contouring can be performed by Dr. Sukkar.

How The Weight Management Program Works

If you are not currently eligible for liposuction or other body contouring procedure due to excess weight or a high BMI, we will work closely with you in a personalized Weight Management Program. Your initial consultation includes a personal interview with our instructor, Angela, and you will answer an extensive questionnaire so we fully understand the personal challenges and difficulties you have faced in losing unwanted weight. From your interview and the information gathered from your questionnaire, a custom meal and fitness plan will be developed to help you lose the weight and become eligible for the aesthetic treatment you want.

Personal Guidance and Support

Once you are committed to our weight loss program and have signed the contract, our instructor guides you through each step with ongoing reminders and motivation. Your individual exercise plan will be suitable for your condition. Throughout your Weight Management Program, you will have direct access to Angela by email, phone, or text.

The Weight Management Program Services

Your individual program includes:

  • Education and guidance to help you make healthy choices;
  • Custom diet plans;
  • One-on-one consultations with a health and fitness expert.

Monitored Progress

Your weight loss progress will be carefully monitored, with one-on-one appointments every two weeks. At your appointment, you will weigh-in and receive a full evaluation of your progress towards your weight loss goals, and your meal and exercise program tweaked for better results if needed. We are committed to helping you reach the BMI and weight that makes you eligible to receive the body sculpting procedure you want from Dr. Sukkar.

Your Tuition For The Weight Management Program Is a Deposit on Body Sculpting

The tuition paid for your weight loss program functions as a deposit for the treatment you hope to get, whether liposuction or other procedure, if the procedure is performed within one year from the time you commit to your personal weight loss program. Other benefits include:

  • Gift certificate to Nutrition Depot for any supplements you need
  • Exclusive discounts at Nutrition Depot for our WLP patients
  • A special Clinic for Plastic Surgery protein shaker
  • Ongoing support and assistance from your instructor throughout the program

Liposuction: Resolving Stubborn Fat Pockets

Liposuction makes it possible to remove unwanted fat deposits – most of which are close to impossible to lose through diet and exercise. These fatty deposits can be on the arms, legs, thighs, and tummy. Once your Weight Management Program is complete, Dr. Sukkar will perform the procedure that can finally help you achieve a trimmer, slimmer silhouette.

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