Why Choose Dr. Sukkar?

when it comes to plastic surgery, the choice is simple.

If you’re searching for a surgeon to help you achieve a new level of confidence, Dr. Sukkar has all the qualifications necessary.
Below is a summary of what makes Dr. Sukkar the preferred choice for patients seeking the ultimate in rejuvenation. Our team at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery is always available to answer your questions and help you determine which payment method is in the best interest of your unique financial situation.

why choose dr. sukkar?

Choosing from the many plastic surgeons in Houston, Texas, can seem like a difficult task. The Clinic For Plastic Surgery (PS) and Sam M Sukkar, MD welcome you to visit their facility and see for yourself what makes them unique. Dr. Sukkar has built a reputation as an honest, informative practitioner with not only the skill and background to perform the highest quality of surgical and non-surgical procedures, but the approachability and empathy of a trusted advisor in your quest to meet your aesthetic needs.

We invite you to take a tour of our center and operating room facility, where you will have a chance to meet Dr. Sukkar and the rest of our staff. Feel free to request a consultation or call (281) 940-1535 today.

a surgeon with integrity

Dr. Sukkar strives to develop a candid, instructive and, above all, supportive rapport with each individual patient. His patients choose him because they know he constantly looks out for them and strives to apply the best approach to meet their needs and expectations. Much of our clientele comes to us via word of mouth, and we sincerely appreciate our patients’ tendency to refer friends and family members to our practice.

Rather than selling one procedure or another, Dr. Sukkar outlines the advantages and disadvantages of each possible option, allowing the patient to make an informed decision. If your best option happens to involve a treatment or procedure not offered at our practice, you can trust him to inform you of that option and refer you to the physician or practitioner who can provide it. An example of this would be a patient who is above their ideal weight and not ready for surgery- in this case a referral to our weight loss center or a Bariatric Center might be initiated.

Dr. Sukkar is also a board-certified plastic surgeon, which signifies that he consistently meets high standards of safety, results, and ethics. We know it can be tricky choosing between all the board-certified plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, and cosmetic surgeons in our area as the internet tends to level the playing field for less experienced surgeons. Dr. Sukkar is proud to be a board-certified plastic surgeon because it offers extra peace of mind to our patients. His dedication to Patient Safety is part of the reason he was invited to serve on the patient safety committee for The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

artistry with innovation

Our center offers a combination of forward thinking and time-honored principles. Dr. Sukkar takes a principled artistic approach to surgery, always taking the extra time with patients during their consultation to answer questions, take measurements, make customized plans and quotes, and explain details. Together, he and the patient determine the best course of action based on clear communication.

However, Dr. Sukkar is also an innovative, tech-savvy surgeon who employs the latest and best technologies – both professionally and personally, often before his peers. For example, he was one of the first practitioners in Houston to offer VECTRA 3D imaging for body contouring evaluations.

In another innovative approach, Dr. Sukkar often uses Strattice™ for cosmetic patients, and he has had remarkable success in using this traditionally reconstructive treatment to prevent capsular contracture and to reinforce patients whose breast skin and muscle has become overly stretched.

Dr. Sukkar’s advanced approach to medicine carries over into our daily operations as a practice as well. A completely paperless practice, we offer integrated registration forms right on our website, so that your time spent in our office is not burdened with filling out paperwork.

turning back the hands of time

Many of our patients have come to their consultations with photos of how they used to look. Dr. Sukkar is extremely skilled at making these patients feel like themselves again based on his conversations with them and his ability to use these photos as a guide to bring out each patient’s best look.

photo gallery

A large percentage of our patients come to us based on Dr. Sukkar’s comprehensive gallery of past and present patient before-and-after photos. Our professional grade photography studio, allows us to take state of the art 2D and 3D images so that evaluations of pre-op and post-op transformations can be appreciated. We invite you to take a look at what Dr. Sukkar can do for you!