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Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty)

Who is a Good Candate for Breast Reduction?

  • Patients with large, heavy breasts that have caused pain in the breast, shoulder, or back, as well as nipple numbness and shoulder indentation from bra straps.
  • Those with breasts that have begun to sag with nipples below the breast crease and most of the volume in the lower part of the breast.
  • Those with nipples and areolae that appear overly large.
  • Patients who want a more youthful breast appearance and to achieve a better fit in clothing.
  • Those who desire better comfort and less pain caused by heavy breasts.

The Procedure

  • A breast reduction typically requires about four hours to complete.
  • General anesthesia is used to ensure patients are comfortable during surgery.
  • Incision placement will vary according to each patient. However, they can be placed around the areolae and the lower breast crease to be less noticeable.
  • A breast exam is conducted to ensure no abnormalities are present.
  • Excess tissue is removed, and the breast is lifted to a higher, more youthful position.
  • The nipples and areolae are also lifted and can be reduced in size.
  • You will be dressed in a surgical bra upon completion of your surgery.
  • Drains are utilized for the first couple days after your procedure and will be removed in the office.
  • Breast reduction surgery can be combined with other procedures, such as liposuction and tummy tuck for a more comprehensive makeover.

The Recovery After Breast Reduction

  • Patients can return home after several hours or can stay overnight, should it be necessary.
  • Showering is allowed two days after your procedure.
  • Mild pain may be present for the first few days but should subside by the third day. Any discomfort can be reduced with medications.
  • It is normal to feel groggy for the first couple days, and you may feel weak for about ten days.
  • Mild to moderate swelling may be present for the first week, after which it should fade.
  • Little to no bruising typically occurs.
  • The breasts may appear square for the first three weeks but should relax into a natural-looking, rounded position.
  • Patients can resume many of their normal activities within the first week after surgery and most activities by three weeks.
  • All stitches are dissolvable, eliminating the need for them to be removed.
  • Most patients require five to seven days off of work.

The Result From Breast Reduction

  • Breasts are elevated, appear full, and have a more aesthetic size and shape.
  • You can expect nipple and skin sensation to be normal.
  • Women can usually breastfeed later.
  • Improved balance and proportion with a better fit in clothing.
  • Exercise and other strenuous activities are much more comfortable following breast reduction surgery.
  • Natural, soft-looking breasts that continue to improve over three to six months of healing.

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