CoolSculpting® Houston, TX

Offered at our convenient location in Houston, TX

CoolSculpting Houston, TX

The Clinic for Plastic Surgery offers CoolSculpting® in Houston, so you can finally achieve that all-over athletic appearance.

You’re eating healthy. You’ve spent countless hours at the gym. Maybe you’ve even tried fad diets. But, it seems like no matter what you do or how committed you are, you can’t seem to eliminate stubborn fat from specific areas of your body. CoolSculpting is an entirely non-invasive solution to unrelenting pockets of excess fat and the perfect supplemental procedure to a healthy and active lifestyle. With little to no downtime, CoolSculpting can complement your life without interrupting it.

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CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved cryolipolysis system proven safe and effective for reducing excess fat for smoother, slimmer body contours. As fat is more temperature-sensitive than the surrounding tissues, CoolSculpting works by freezing fat cells that are subsequently flushed from the body, never to return. The precise application of cryolipolysis with CoolSculpting will allow you to target specific areas of your body to produce your ideal shape.


With no incisions and exceptional tolerability, you can achieve your cosmetic goals with no downtime. Because your body cannot produce new fat cells, your CoolSculpting results are permanent. With a series of treatments you can enjoy ongoing fat reduction for an exponentially more sculpted physique.

Ideal Candidate

CoolSculpting is an excellent treatment option for virtually anyone with hard-to-lose fat. But to achieve the best results from CoolSculpting Houston patients should be at or close to their ideal weight. While it does effectively reduce fat, it is not intended as a weight-loss treatment. Instead, it is specifically designed to eliminate isolated fat bulges in patients who are otherwise satisfied with the fitness of their appearance. Common problem areas treated with CoolSculpting include the lower abdomen, stomach, love handles, thighs, buttocks, arms, back and bra area, and double chin. Patients interested in eliminating more considerable amounts of fat spread over broad areas of their body may benefit from alternative treatment.

Procedure In Detail

Your CoolSculpting procedure will be performed in the comfort of Dr. Sukkar’s Houston plastic surgery office.

CoolSculpting Houston, TX

While you’re sitting or lying down in a comfortable position, we’ll position the CoolSculpting system over your body. The device will then freeze and destroy unwanted fat cells by drawing bulges of excess volume to its two cooling panels. You can expect the entire one-hour procedure to have minimal discomfort, and you can use this time to read, answer emails or simply relax.

In terms of results, they will appear gradually. Within about three weeks, you’ll see a visible improvement in the amount of excess volume present, with the full results emerging in approximately three months. At that point, your body will have naturally eliminated all of the destroyed fat cells, and your contoured new physique will be apparent. As long as you continue to lead a healthy lifestyle and don’t gain a substantial amount of weight in the future, you can expect your toned body to be permanent.


Your 30 to 60 minute treatment involves no anesthesia and minimal discomfort. When you arrive at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery for your Houston CoolSculpting treatment, a member of our staff will invite you into your private treatment area. While sitting or lying down comfortably, your providing specialist will position the CoolSculpting device over your treatment area. The CoolSculpting system will destroy your unwanted fat cells as the device draws fat within the target area between its two cooling panels. You’ll be able to tend to emails, read, or scroll through social media while reaching your aesthetic goals.


There is essentially no recovery period after your CoolSculpting treatment. As soon as your session is complete, you will be able to return to your regular daily activities. You may experience some redness or tenderness in the treatment area. However, these side effects are mild and will resolve on their own quickly.


Watch your targeted fat melt away, gradually revealing a slimmer and more sculpted body. You may notice an immediate difference in the areas treated with CoolSculpting, though your full results will develop over two to four months as your body processes and eliminates your destroyed fat cells.


If you have stubborn pockets of fat that you would like to eliminate with CoolSculpting, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our Houston Med Spa with one of our leading plastic surgeons. CoolSculpting at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery can help you put the finishing touch on your toned, youthful physique.


Is CoolSculpting treatment painful?

Pain tolerance is highly subjective. While some patients do report discomfort during treatment, most describe their CoolSculpting session as very tolerable. You will experience some pressure and a sensation of intense cold when the applicator initially touches your skin. However, these sensations are very brief, and you will be able to relax for the remainder of your procedure.

How many CoolSculpting sessions will i need to reach my goals?

Only you and your surgeon can determine the number of sessions that you will need to achieve your best results. Most patients require two or more treatments, depending on their needs and responsiveness to treatment. If you require more than one session, your treatments will be spaced four to six weeks apart, with ultimate results appearing two to four months after your final session.

What if i gain weight after CoolSculpting?

While the fat cells destroyed with CoolSculpting will not ever return, your remaining fat cells will continue to shrink and swell naturally with significant weight change. Therefore, you can best maintain your CoolSculpting results by committing to a healthy lifestyle.

What happens to the fat cells?

During a CoolSculpting procedure, heat is extracted from the fat cell, and it begins to die. Once the fat cells die, the fat layer targeted is significantly reduced as the dead fat cells are shed through the body’s normal metabolic process.

Will i need to have more than one session?

Dr. Sukkar will work with you to determine an individual treatment plan that is tailored to your specific goals. Depending on your needs, and the area being treated, most patients will require at least two sessions to obtain their desired results. Treatments can be repeated every four to six weeks.

Is CoolSculpting a weight loss procedure?

It is recommended that patients be as close to their ideal weight as possible when considering CoolSculpting. The procedure is designed to trim inches from the treated areas by reducing fat cells. Fat isn’t necessarily heavy, but because it can take up quite a bit of space, patients often feel better about how their clothes fit after a treatment.

How is CoolSculpting different from liposuction?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure. There is no surgery or recovery time needed. Unlike liposuction, the fat cells below the skin’s surface are damaged and then shed by the body without penetrating the skin.

Is CoolSculpting safe?

CoolSculpting is safe and effective way to minimize excess fat. The FDA has approved the use of CoolSculpting for many parts of the body.

Do i need to do anything to prepare for my CoolSculpting procedure?

No vitamins or supplements are necessary. You do not have to start a special diet or change any routines you may have. Many patients feel that CoolSculpting gives them a fresh start and are more motivated to keep up with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

How much does the CoolSculpting procedure cost?

The price for CoolSculpting procedures can vary by patient. Once you’ve created your individual treatment plan, Dr. Sukkar can go over the areas of concern and the number of sessions needed to help you determine what you’ll need to budget to meet your overall goal.