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VECTRA 3D IMAGING The Clinic for Plastic Surgery


Dr. Sam Sukkar has devoted his career to pursuing the latest, Safest and most effective medical technology available, so he can provide his patients with the state-of-the-art care they deserve. As such, He is proud to offer Vectra 3-D Imaging – An innovative development in the field of plastic surgery that elevates the planning of your cosmetic care to an art form.


With Vectra 3D Imaging, your patient consultation will be more informative than ever before. The device works by taking multiple detailed images of your body, and then building a 3D model with your precise measurements.

The image of the model is then projected onto a screen in the consultation room. From there, Dr. Sukkar will manipulate the model to show you exactly what you’ll look like after your procedure – before you even make the decision to have the operation. By giving you a comprehensive look at your “after photo,” Vectra 3D Imaging can help you make the right decisions for your care, establish realistic expectations for your procedure and ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your appearance when you emerge from surgery.

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From the first time you walk into The Clinic for Plastic Surgery, you’ll know that you are in a place that cares about results. Under the leadership of Dr. Sukkar, The Clinic for Plastic Surgery has become Houston’s plastic surgery center of choice. Experience the difference for yourself by scheduling a consultation today.

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