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After Weight Loss

Weight loss is a huge accomplishment worth celebrating. It can radically change your health for the better and help you feel like your most attractive, capable self. Medications like semaglutide (Ozempic, Wegovy), tirzepatide (Mounjaro, Zepbound), and bariatric surgery like the gastric sleeve can cause dramatic weight loss in a relatively short period. However, after attaining your goal weight, you may feel disappointed to discover that you now possess loose and sagging skin that no longer conforms to your body. You may develop a whole other form of self-consciousness that involves hiding your skin under layers of clothing. With this lax tissue, both the face and body can also appear more aged, which can be a disheartening experience. Luckily, various cosmetic lift procedures are designed to reveal your hard-earned contours and help you feel proud of your appearance.

At The Clinic for Plastic Surgery in Houston, we offer several body-contouring procedures designed to give you the smooth and firm shape you have worked so hard to achieve.

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What Surgeries Are Available After Weight Loss?

Congratulations on your remarkable weight loss journey! While losing weight is a significant achievement, it is common to face the new challenge of dealing with loose skin and remaining stubborn fat. This excess tissue can not only be embarrassing, but it can interfere with mobility and cause skin hygiene issues. If you have lost 100+ lbs, you can only address this lax skin with a body-contouring surgery. (1) The good news is that there are numerous procedures available to help fine-tune and complement your weight loss results.

The world of custom-tailored aesthetic possibilities is at your fingertips. In this section, we will introduce you to these possibilities that further enhance your transformation, helping you lead a more balanced, comfortable, and confident life.


You may continue to struggle with stubborn pockets of fat that remain after weight loss. When this occurs, your surgeon may recommend liposuction to eliminate this unwanted volume and reveal a more attractive and trimmed silhouette. For this minor procedure, your surgeon will only need to make one or two tiny incisions in the treatment area to access the fat layer. After making this small opening that is just a fraction of an inch, they will administer tumescent fluid into the area. As the solution settles in, it efficiently separates the fat tissue from surrounding connective tissue, anesthetizes the area, and eliminates the risk of excessive blood loss. It will then be safe for them to use a slim, tubular instrument called a cannula to suction this fat, creating a more even, sculpted appearance with the applied surgical precision.

Arm Lift

With an arm lift, you can say goodbye to “bat wings” and achieve toned, youthful arms without any unwanted flab. Your surgeon may recommend a traditional arm lift, an extended arm lift, or a mini arm lift depending on the severity of laxity present. For a traditional approach, they will need to make an incision along the innermost portion of each arm, remove excess fat, and then trim the redundant skin before closing the incision. They may recommend an extended arm lift if you have a sagging arm profile alongside lax skin on the side of the chest. For this technique, they will extend the incision to just below each breast. For a mini arm lift, they will only need to make a smaller incision within the armpit to correct mild skin laxity.

With any type of arm lift procedure, our surgeons may apply liposuction to contour the area and provide better surgical guidance for how much skin to remove. The liposuction cannula applied is only about 2.5 to 3 millimeters in diameter, so any scarring will not be highly noticeable. (2) No matter the technique, your surgeon will use their in-depth anatomical knowledge to preserve key nerves such as the medial antebrachial nerve. They also practice techniques that avoid damaging the deep fascia, the connective tissues that envelop the arm muscles. (3)

Thigh Lift

Large folds of skin tend to plague the thighs after weight loss, creating an out-of-shape appearance that simply cannot be addressed with diet and exercise alone. When this occurs, a thigh lift can get rid of the unwanted, lumpy volume while tightening the area, giving you the firm and sculpted thighs that you previously could only dream about. Your surgeon can accomplish this with an incision within the groin area to allow for the removal of lax skin. If necessary, he can make/extend the incision to the outer hips, accentuating smoother hips without unwanted skin folds. Your surgeon may include liposuction beforehand as a means of reducing blood loss and allowing for more skin removal during the thigh lift. (4)

Tummy Tuck

If your stomach is affected by sagging and wrinkled skin, a tummy tuck as part of your post-weight loss rejuvenation may be in your best interest. In this case, your surgeon will remove the unwanted volume and tighten your underlying abdominal muscles, revealing the flat and athletic abdomen you have always wanted. Your surgeon will make the horizontal tummy tuck incision just above the pubic area so that any surgical scar will be well-hidden beneath underwear and bathing suits.

Butt Lift

A butt lift enhances the natural shape and volume of your buttocks with the removal of excess skin. For this transformative effect, your surgeon will make a horizontal incision from hip to hip just above each buttock. They will then remove an elliptical portion of skin and fat before suturing it together, lifting the buttocks below. Your surgeon may include liposuction of the flanks or lower back to create more complete results that harmonize with the rest of the body. Though it can eliminate folding, it cannot provide extra volume. If you would like to lift and plump the buttocks, inquire about a Brazilian butt lift, a type of fat transfer procedure.

Ideal Candidates

If you have lost a substantial amount of weight and are suffering from excess skin, there’s a strong chance that body contouring after weight loss may be suitable for you. To be considered an ideal candidate for plastic surgery, your surgeon will require that you demonstrate the ability to maintain a stable weight. You should also have realistic expectations, be committed to a healthy lifestyle moving forward, and have a positive outlook. You should be in overall good health, with all underlying conditions well-managed with lifestyle modifications and/or medication. If you have a heart, lung, or blood-clotting condition, cosmetic surgery may not be safe for you to undergo. Ideally, you should be a non-smoker, but Dr. Sukkar and Dr. Bedolla will consider your candidacy if you can quit temporarily.

Personal Consultation

Your body-contouring surgery is highly personalized to your unique body structure, which is why scheduling a consultation at a reputable practice like The Clinic for Plastic Surgery in Houston is vital to the success of your outcome. Not only can your surgeon evaluate your primary aesthetic concerns, but they will also assess your medical history and various other factors that could influence your procedure.

If you are ready to learn more about plastic surgery after weight loss, schedule a consultation online today or reach our staff at (281) 940-1535. Our entire team will work with you to give you a positive, welcoming experience from the moment you walk in the door.

Surgery Preparation

You should give yourself at least two weeks to prepare for your procedure/s; it will provide you with the best opportunity for a smooth surgery and recovery. You should avoid medications and supplements that may thin the blood and increase bleeding, such as NSAIDs (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.). You should fill any prescriptions beforehand so that they are available to you immediately after your procedure. As you will be unable to drive after your surgery, you will need to arrange for someone close to you to give you a ride home and assist you during the first few days of your recovery. Make sure that you have loose, comfortable clothing clean and ready to wear. You can also prepare your recovery space with snacks, water bottles, books, or anything else you would like to have nearby while you rest after surgery.

Cost of Body-Contouring Procedures After Weight Loss

The cost of your body-contouring treatment plan will depend on anesthesia fees, any scheduled follow-up appointments, and the extent of your chosen procedure/s. Dr. Sukkar or Dr. Bedolla will give you a detailed quote during your consultation to help you make an informed decision. You may want to explore the other options mentioned on our blog to get a comprehensive idea of what to consider before making your appointment.


Can body contouring help with stubborn fat deposits after weight loss?

Yes, body contouring procedures such as liposuction can effectively target and remove stubborn deposits of fat that may remain even after significant weight loss.

When can I undergo body-contouring surgery after taking Ozempic?

Ozempic and other weight loss medications work over a long period of time, so it can be difficult to find the right time to address sagging skin. Body contouring procedures are most effective once your weight has remained stable for at least 6 months.

Will my insurance cover surgery after weight loss?

In most cases, surgery after weight loss is considered elective, and insurance typically does not cover it. However, it’s essential to check with your insurance provider for specific details.

Will I have to wear compression garments after liposuction?

Yes, wearing compression garments is essential post-liposuction. They help reduce swelling, improve circulation, and aid in the healing process.

Can I gain weight after a tummy tuck?

While a tummy tuck can provide remarkable results, gaining a significant amount of weight is still possible after surgery since the remaining fat cells can expand. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is key.


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