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Is Brachioplasty right for you? If you avoid wearing sleeveless shirts and strapless dresses because you’re embarrassed by your flabby arms, a brachioplasty with Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Sukkar may be exactly what you need.

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Ideal Candidates

Arm Lift Procedure

Many men and women find that their arms are impossible to sculpt. No matter how much time they spend at the gym, an unsightly layer of flab and loose skin remains. When this occurs, a Houston arm lift with Dr. Sukkar can eliminate unwanted volume in this area, revealing the toned and athletic arms you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

To be considered an ideal candidate for an arm lift, you’ll need to be close to your ideal weight. Additionally, it’s important that your weight is stable, as any additional weight gain or loss will have an impact on your results. You should also be a non-smoker, in good general health and without any serious health conditions that could put you at a heightened risk during surgery.

The procedure is ideal for both men and women who:

  • Possess loose or sagging upper arm skin due to weight loss, the natural aging process and congenital factors.
  • Are embarrassed by full and shapeless upper arms.
  • Have tried to sculpt their arms at the gym, but have not been successful.


Your arm lift with Dr. Sukkar will be performed under general anesthesia, which means you’ll be completely asleep and comfortable throughout your surgery.

From there, he will remove the excess skin that’s giving your arms a full and unfit appearance, artistically creating the sculpted and toned look you deserve. If you also possess stubborn pockets of fat in the area, Dr. Sukkar may perform gentle liposuction to permanently eliminate the excess volume. Once your impeccable arms have been created, Dr. Sukkar will close the incisions, trim away any excess skin and apply bandages and drains to ensure an optimal healing process.

Once the anesthesia has worn off, Dr. Sukkar will send you home to begin the recovery period. In most cases, Dr. Sukkar will create an incision inside the armpit, extending down to the elbow. However, if you only possess a small amount of excess skin, he may only make a very small incision hidden within the armpit.


With the lean and sleek arms our skilled Houston plastic surgeons can achieve with arm lift surgery, you can gift yourself an enhanced sense of self-esteem and zest for life. You will have the ability to wear whatever you want, whenever you want, allowing for an uninhibited life experience. Furthermore, you can eliminate skin irritation caused by excess tissues. Ultimately, you can look forward to living, moving, and shopping more freely after your arm lift.

Ideal Candidate

Men and women alike can qualify. To experience the best results from brachioplasty Houston patients exploring this treatment should be healthy enough to undergo surgery, and have an optimistic outlook on their surgery and recovery. As a surgical procedure, it’s also essential that patients are able to take the necessary time off from work for optimal healing and results. Finally, patients should feel empowered and ready to take control of the concerns that have held them back from living life to the fullest for far too long.

Surgery Preparation

In the weeks leading up to your arm lift procedure, your surgeon may instruct you to avoid certain medications that may thin your blood to prevent complications during and after surgery.

Since you will not be able to drive yourself home after surgery, you will need to make arrangements for a family member or trusted companion to drive you home and provide care. You can also pick up your prescribed medications before your surgery to make your day of surgery as smooth and easy as possible. Stock your recovery space with water bottles, snacks, necessary medicines, and whatever else you may want or need while you heal.

The Day of Surgery

To ensure your comfort during surgery, you will receive general anesthesia. Once you are sleeping soundly, your surgeon will make the necessary incisions.

Arm lift surgery for patients with minimal excess skin may entail small incisions within the armpits through which they will insert a liposuction cannula to remove excess fat. Patients with more significant excess skin may need larger incisions to sculpt and tone the arm properly. These incisions will span from the armpit to the elbow. Your surgeon will carefully remove your excess fat and skin and sculpt your arms to look naturally fit before closing your incisions and applying dressings to your incision sites. Your surgeon may also insert drains to prevent fluid from accumulating beneath the skin. Once the effects of your anesthesia have subsided, you will be able to begin your recovery at home.


Arm Lift Recovery

After your arm lift, you’ll want to take at least two to three weeks off from work to give your body an opportunity to heal properly. During this time, it’s entirely normal to experience pain, swelling and soreness – all of which can be managed with pain medication prescribed by Dr. Sukkar.

After about one week, you will need to return to Dr. Sukkar’s Houston office so he can remove your sutures, drains and bandages, evaluate your progress and answer any questions you may have. Although you should avoid physical activity and strenuous exercise as you recover, you’ll be encouraged to take light walks around the house to stimulate healing. In general, you’ll be able to resume more strenuous activities like heavy lifting and running in about six weeks.

Schedule A Consultation

If you’re ready to learn more about brachioplasty Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Sukkar invites you to schedule a consultation at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery today. During your private meeting in our Clear Lake office, we will carefully assess the cosmetic imperfections you’d most like to address, before creating a custom treatment plan designed to sculpt the exquisite appearance you deserve.


Does insurance cover an arm lift?

Under most circumstances, arm lift surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not eligible for coverage from insurance providers. However, in some cases, excess arm tissue can impede the functionality of the arms, deeming arm lift surgery medically necessary. If you think your arm lift surgery may be eligible for insurance coverage, you can discuss this with your surgeon during your initial consultation.

Can excess skin tighten naturally after arm liposuction?

In some cases where only a small amount of fat is removed, the skin may very slightly shrink around the reduced volume in the arm. However, this effect may be minimal at best. As arm fullness is decreased, arm liposuction alone may result in a visible increase in excess skin. In order to achieve the best results, liposuction and skin reduction should be performed in combination to prevent “bat wings”.