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Body Lift

Get rid of the extra skin. If you have had weight loss surgery or a procedure that has left you with extra skin, a body lift may be your next step. Dr. Sam Sukkar has over 20 years of experience in plastic surgery and body contouring. He is dedicated to making patients feel confident about themselves. With over 10,000 procedures performed, Dr. Sukkar is passionate about helping his patients reach their aesthetic needs.

What is a Body Lift?

At The Clinic for Plastic Surgery in Houston body lift is a combination of surgeries where extra skin and excess fat deposits are removed from the body, often in multiple areas. This includes an upper or lower body lift. During your consultation, Dr. Sukkar will discuss your post-operative goals and help you decide what is best for you.


Aging, hormonal fluctuations, weight changes, sun damage, and other factors contribute to the deterioration of youthful contours.

As fat stores and sagging skin often result from changes in cellular function, these issues can be virtually impossible to resolve with a healthy lifestyle alone. A Houston body lift removes hard-to-lose excess skin and fat to achieve a toned and sculpted physique throughout multiple areas of the body. As the most substantial areas that develop these unwanted characteristics, the most common areas included in a body lift include the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. By addressing contours throughout these areas of the body, you can look forward to a significantly slimmer, smoother, and more youthful appearance.


Aside from removing unwanted excess skin, there are many benefits to patients receiving body lifts:

  • Your clothes may fit better
  • You may have more confidence
  • You may see immediate results
  • You may notice your stretch marks are less visible or potentially removed completely, depending on the area of the body

Upper Body Lift

If you receive an upper body lift Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Sukkar will focus on removing excess skin on the upper half of your body. This may include skin on your:

Lower Body Lift

A lower body lift concentrates on removing skin in the lower half of your body. This may include lifting the skin on your:

  • Buttocks
  • Outer Thighs and Hips
  • Tummy (tummy tuck)
  • The area between your genitals and your pubic bone (monsplasty)

Full-Body Lift

If you hope to remove extra skin from multiple parts of the upper and lower half of your body, a full-body lift could help you achieve that goal. This includes skin removal procedures of the upper body lift and the lower body lift. Dr. Sukkar may recommend staging these procedures over a period of time to allow for proper healing, reduce risks, and to give you the very best aesthetic result.

An Ideal Candidate

Ideal body lift candidates should have already had weight loss surgery or have lost a large amount of weight. To have a good idea of the areas where you have skin that you would like to have removed, candidates should maintain a stable body weight for about six months after their weight loss. Body lift candidates also should not be smokers. Serious medical conditions (i.e., diabetes, lung disease, heart disease) may lead to complications or affect healing. If you have a medical condition, make sure to speak with your primary care provider before scheduling a consultation.

The Procedure

Dr. Sukkar performs our Houston body lifts at one of The Clinic for Plastic Surgery’s luxurious private surgical suites. A body lift procedure is done under general anesthesia, so you will be asleep during the operation.

The length of time for your surgery depends on what type of body lift you are receiving and your post-operative goals. In some cases, these procedures may be staged over a period of time to allow for proper healing, reduce risks, and to give you the very best aesthetic result.

Surgery Preparation

In the weeks leading up to your body lift Houston plastic surgeons at our clinic may instruct you to stop taking certain prescription medications, NSAIDs, and supplements to reduce your risk of complications during or after surgery.

You may also fill any prescriptions your surgeon gives you before your surgery. At home, you can prepare for recovery by ensuring that everything you will need is within reach of your bed, such as your prescribed medications, water bottles, snacks, and a book, device, or remote. As you will be unable to drive yourself home after surgery, you will also need to arrange for a close friend or family member to drive you home and provide care after your body lift.


When you arrive at our office on the day of your body lift, your surgeon will go over your surgical plan with you before preparing you for surgery. Your body lift surgery will require general anesthesia, so you will be asleep throughout your entire procedure.

Once you are completely under the effects of anesthesia, your surgeon will begin sculpting and tightening your target areas. Via strategically placed incisions, your surgeon will use liposuction to remove excess fat. They will also remove excess skin before closing all of your incisions. The locations of your incisions and the length of your surgery will depend on your specific needs. The surgeons at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery are exceptionally skilled and possess the experience and finesse to create beautifully natural-looking body contours. Your surgeon will dress all of your incisions, as well as insert any draining tubes that you may need while you heal, prior to you waking up from anesthesia. As soon as you are awake, you will be free to recover at home.


When you leave The Clinic for Plastic Surgery in Houston, you will be given items you will need, including compression garments.

When returning home after your procedure, you will want to have someone help you bathe and with basic tasks for the first few days. You will want to take it easy for up to a few months and plan to take at least 2-4 weeks off of work.

Swelling and scar tissue may be present for up to six months after your surgical procedure, so you will be expected to slowly ease back into your daily routines and activities once cleared by Dr.Sukkar and his clinical team. If you become concerned about your recovery, contact The Clinic for Plastic Surgery. Dr. Sukkar will let you know when it is okay for you to do certain activities as he monitors your healing progress.


Right after surgery, you will notice a change in your body shape. During your first six months of healing, you will begin to see the body you have worked for. Over time, the incisions from the body lift procedure will fade.

Schedule A Body Lift Consultation in Houston, Texas

If you are ready to explore the option of getting a body lift Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Sukkar can answer all of your questions and address any concerns you have. Schedule a consultation at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery today. During your private consultation, we will carefully assess the cosmetic imperfections you would most like to address before creating a custom treatment plan designed to sculpt the exquisite appearance you deserve.


How much does a body lift cost?

Body lifts can widely range as this is a completely customized set of procedures. The cost depends greatly on a number of factors: areas included in your body lift, the advancement of your surgical needs, and the length of the procedure.

How long does a body lift last?

Once your swelling goes down, your body lift results can be permanent if you maintain your weight consistently, eat a healthy diet, and exercise often.

What’s the difference between a body lift and a tummy tuck?

tummy tuck can be part of a body lift procedure, mainly a lower body lift procedure. During a tummy tuck, excess skin from the tummy is removed and the skin is tightened. A body lift includes skin removal from multiple areas of the body.

Do I need to have someone drive me home because of anesthesia?

Yes, you will need someone to take you home after your procedure. This is because you may feel groggy, and the medications may affect your perception, making it unsafe to drive.

How long will my body lift surgery take?

Though the length of your procedure can vary depending on its scope, body lift surgery generally takes about four to six hours.

How can I know if insurance will cover my body lift surgery?

Because body lift surgery can address medical concerns, insurance may cover your costs. Your surgeon can help determine if your surgery may be eligible for coverage during your consultation.