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An extremely common problem, cellulite forms due to the natural aging process, hormones and weight changes. It’s essentially fatty deposits that look like lumpy and dimpled skin. Though its appearance can sometimes be helped with weight loss and exercise, the only way to permanently resolve the problem is with a targeted treatment like cellulaze.


There’s a reason Dr. Sukkar’s Houston patients of all ages are requesting Cellulaze by name. The non-surgical treatment comes with a host of irresistible benefits, including:

  • Its a proven way to eliminate cellulite and achieve smoother skin.
  • It destroys the underlying structure of cellulite, delivering more dramatic results than could ever be achieved with superficial creams and lotions.
  • You can achieve a permanent improvement in your cellulite in just one treatment.

Ideal Candidate

Because Cellulaze is such a gentle treatment, it’s generally considered safe for most of our Houston patients who are struggling with unsightly cellulite on areas like their buttocks, thighs, hips and belly. In order to be an ideal candidate for this procedure, you should be in good general health and close to your ideal weight, to ensure that you’re able to enjoy the most dramatic improvement possible.


Cellulaze is a safe surgical cosmetic enhancement, your 1 ½ – 3 hour Cellulaze treatment will be performed entirely in the comfort of Dr. Sukkar’s Houston office. He will begin by marking the treatment areas and administering local anesthesia to ensure you enjoy a comfortable experience.

He will then create tiny incisions in the target area and insert the Cellulaze laser into a cannula. Both the cannula and the laser will be placed inside the incisions, and Dr. Sukkar will use the system to attack the fibrous bands that are creating your cellulite, while stimulating your body’s natural production of collagen. In this way, he will eliminate the unsightly dimples and achieve a dramatically smoother look. Once your treatment is complete, Dr. Sukkar will send you home to begin the healing process.


After your treatment, you can look forward to a very easy recovery period.

You may experience some swelling and bruising initially, however it will be very mild and should resolve fairly quickly on its own. During this time, Dr. Sukkar will have you wear a special compression garment to hold your skin tight and ensure impeccable results.

You’ll be free to resume your normal daily routine within one to two days, however you should continue to refrain from strenuous exercise for the next two weeks. Your results will appear gradually over the next several months, at which point you’ll possess the smooth and dimple-free skin you’ve always wanted.


If you’re ready to learn more about Cellulaze in Houston, we invite you to schedule a consultation at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery today. During your private meeting in our Houston office, we will carefully assess the cosmetic imperfections you’d most like to address, before creating a custom treatment plan designed to sculpt the exquisite appearance you deserve.