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In Houston Smartlipo is a brilliant body contouring procedure that employs a technique called laser lipolysis. Smartlipo is the intelligent choice because it is a minimally invasive body contouring procedure that produces more sculpted results than traditional liposuction, with much less downtime. Smart Lipo’s high-tech advantage is in its laser-enhanced cannula. Our team of doctors at the Clinic for Plastic Surgery are among the nation's leading authorities on surgical body sculpting. Read our blog regularly to be enlightened on the latest aesthetic treatments.


Using high-powered laser light, SmartLipo is a new body sculpting procedure that produces more precise results with a shorter recovery than traditional liposuction.[1] Your fat will melt away like butter in the wake of SmartLipo’s enhanced cannula. The laser’s unique electromagnetic wavelengths may also assist with sagging skin.

Houston SmartLipo model's torso


SmartLipo is an ideal treatment for stubborn bulges of fat that may be resistant to diet and exercise.

These areas often include the flanks (love handles), belly and thighs. The enhanced precision of laser lipolysis makes it easier to sculpt smaller, more refined areas such as under the chin, along the arms and down the back. As an additional benefit, SmartLipo can also help tighten loose skin in these areas.

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SmartLipo’s inspired design represents a significant advancement in body contouring. It puts a new kind of power in your doctor’s hands, allowing you to enjoy truly transformative results from a safer and simpler procedure.

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  • Minimal downtime – You will only require about a day or two of rest; some patients choose to return to work immediately
  • Minimal discomfort – The laser enhanced cannula glides smoothly through the treatment area, melting away resistance as the sun would melt a child’s unwieldy ice cream cone
  • Skin tightening – Patients enjoy bonus body contouring benefits courtesy of SlimLipo’s amazing laser
  • Safety – A shorter, smoother procedure does not put as much strain on the body


As with any body contouring procedure, it is important to make the distinction between SmartLipo and bariatric “weight loss surgeries,” like gastric bypass.

SmartLipo is not a weight loss surgery. In body contouring, small amounts of fat are removed to enhance the shape of your body. SmartLipo can bring balance to your form by carefully sculpting various areas where embarrassing fat bulges tend to form.

Many people who have already undergone massive weight loss may seek SmartLipo at the end of their transformational journey. That’s because cosmetic body contouring can be the perfect complement to other improvements in health and lifestyle so you can look and feel your best!


Ideal candidates are in good health and practice a healthy lifestyle. They are within 25 lbs. of their ideal body weight. SmartLipo candidates are bothered by embarrassing bulges and they feel empowered to do something about it. Ideal candidates should also have realistic expectations for their results. During your consultation for SmartLipo Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Sukkar will review the benefits and risks for you. He will assess whether you are a good candidate with respect to your medical health, and he will clarify what SmartLipo could do for you.


  • SmartLipo’s skin tightening effects can augment your ultimate results
  • The allure of body contouring’s long-lasting results are irresistibly appealing
  • Mothers who wish to repair the wear of childbirth and child-rearing often seek SmartLipo’s slimming benefits as part of their larger “mommy makeover” aesthetic strategy
Houston SmartLipo model in lingerie leaning forward


Prepare for an educational experience! The Clinic for Plastic Surgery was founded by our Medical Director, Dr. Sam Sukkar. His efforts are supported by our super staff of medical professionals. Your confidential consultation is where you’ll get all your aesthetic questions answered.

After a brief physical examination and a review of your medical records, we will conduct a short interview to qualify you for SmartLipo or an analogous body contouring procedure. Read our patients’ glowing reviews to illuminate your perspective on laser treatments. Schedule your consultation at the Clinic for Plastic Surgery today by calling (281) 940-1535.


Dr. Sukkar performs all of his liposuction procedures with skillful manipulation of the cannula.

In the particular case of SmartLipo, the cannula is approximately 1.0 mm to 2.0 mm in diameter with a laser fiber mounted on it.[2] When Dr. Sukkar smoothly slides the cannula under the patient’s skin, he moves it back and forth, carefully delivering the laser’s energy to the fat cells. Under the laser’s brilliant rays, stubborn fat globules decouple, break down and liquefy for easy aspiration by the liposuction device.

White bikini on Houston SmartLipo model


SmartLipo’s superior technique involves the innovative use of a laser prior to aspiration, or “suction phase,” when fat is lifted from its moorings in the treatment area. Liquified fat is frankly far easier to remove. Traditional liposuction is like trying to eat a salad with a straw. Aspirating solid chunks of adipose tissue can be imprecise, unwieldy and, in some circumstances, much harder on the body.

Due to the cannula’s small size, SmartLipo is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia.[3] The laser energy interacts with the dermis, resulting in collagen shrinkage. And, because the laser causes small blood vessels to coagulate immediately on contact, SmartLipo may minimize the risk of bleeding, swelling and bruising during the procedure. The result is a quicker recovery time than conventional liposuction.


SmartLipo is a minimally invasive modality that frequently requires only a local anesthetic with sedation to manage any discomfort during the procedure.

This means that you will very likely be awake and in a relaxed, pleasant state of mind when the doctor begins to operate. SmartLipo is a relatively quick and painless procedure. Its laser diode eases aspiration, which minimizes the potential injury while enhancing the sculpted precision of your results.[4]


The cost of cosmetic surgery is more than its price tag. There are other expenses to consider, like the amount of time it takes you to recover. The cost of cosmetic surgery is more than its price tag. There are other expenses to consider, like the amount of time it takes you to recover. There is also the added burden and discomfort on your overall peace of mind.

SmartLipo liberates patients of many of liposuction’s attendant burdens. Through the ingenious application of focused light energy, the Clinic for Plastic Surgery once again pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with body contouring. At your personal consultation, you will undergo an interview process and physical examination to determine your candidacy for SmartLipo. Every patient is unique and so is their course of treatment. we will quote you a cost estimate at the conclusion of your consultation. Check our Specials page regularly for package deals! Call our office at (281) 940-1535 or fill out our online contact form to book your appointment today.

Houston SmartLipo model in nude colored bikini



SmartLipo employs Laser Lipolysis, an advanced body contouring technique. Its laser-mounted suction cannula slides an innovative new step into traditional liposuction. The laser liquefies lumps of fat in the target area prior to aspiration. The result is smoother suction, balanced results and a minimally invasive body contouring option you can get in almost no time at all.


Yes, SmartLipo can reduce cellulite and sagging skin. SmartLipo is an intelligent choice for body contouring because it is an efficient, effective and comprehensive treatment. Its cannula-mounted laser diode is an inspired advancement in cosmetic surgery because it serves a dual purpose. First, the laser eases aspiration by liquefying fat in the treatment area. It also helps ensure tight and attractive results.

That’s because various electromagnetic wavelengths of light are shown to have skin-tightening benefits. Before SmartLipo, loose skin used to be an unfortunate side effect of some liposuction procedures—after excess fat was aspirated away, the unsightly, overstretched skin that enshrouded it stubbornly remained. But SmartLipo kickstarts collagen production with its amazing laser, so your smooth and sculpted silhouette can be tight and toned, too. 


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