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Abdominoplasty is our transformational Houston tummy tuck procedure at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery. With a tummy tuck, we enhance the abdominal contours and remove excess skin. We shape the midsection by drawing the muscles taut and frequently employ liposuction for the finishing touches. Your body’s contours can be sculpted to highlight your most appealing features. ON the clinic's beloved blog, we do a deep dive on abdominoplasty and our other procedures to sculpt your silhouette.


A highly customizable procedure, your tummy tuck will be completely tailored to meet your unique needs and cosmetic objectives. The most common type of tummy tuck Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Sukkar performs is called the traditional tummy tuck.

Performed under general anesthesia, it involves the largest incisions, which extend from hip-to-hip and involve a detour around the belly button. The traditional tummy tuck produces the most dramatic results. The tummy tuck allows us to remove unwanted fat and excess skin from the entire abdomen. It also gives him the opportunity to tighten and firm the underlying muscles. Because it's an involved procedure, the traditional tummy tuck is ideal for patients who need to address a substantial amount of excess volume on both the upper and lower abdomen. Don't let sagging skin and excess fat around your midsection cause you to feel self-conscious about your body.

Dr. Sukkar and his team of doctors are some of the best plastic surgeons in Houston. We will eliminate excess abdominal volume and sculpt your belly to give you a flat and firm midriff you'll be proud to show off. Contact The Clinic for Plastic Surgery to schedule your confidential consultation. Your consultation will be the first step on your journey of transformation. So, call us at (281) 940-1535 and let's get the conversation started. We also offer Virtual Consultations for patients who prefer to conduct their business remotely.

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Even the abbreviated versions of abdominoplasty don't negate the fact that it is an extensive surgery capable of life-changing transformations.

In fact, many tummy tuck patients have already been through a transcendent ordeal, like massive weight loss of 100 lbs or more. Many women investigate abdominoplasty to repair the damage that childbearing and rearing can do to the body. A tummy tuck will tighten your midsection, including overstretched and damaged muscle tissue, if need be. Tighter stomach muscles can improve an individual's posture because a taut abdomen better supports the spine.

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A tummy tuck will enhance your body’s symmetry while reshaping the contours of your life, but the procedure is not for everybody.

Qualified candidates for body sculpting surgery are men and women with loose abdominal skin and muscles due to massive weight loss or pregnancy. Tummy tuck patients should be in good health, close to their ideal body weight and have realistic expectations of the surgery. At your confidential consultation, our team shall determine your eligibility for abdominoplasty while he crafts your personalized aesthetic treatment plan.


Dr. Sam Sukkar is our proud Founder and distinguished Medical Director at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery.

If you’re ready to explore your tummy tuck options, we invite you to schedule a consultation in our Houston office. During your private meeting, Dr. Sukkar will carefully assess your medical history and aesthetic aspirations. We invite you to ask questions so that you’re fully informed on your range of options. Together, with Dr. Sukkar and the talented medical professionals on our staff, you will collaborate in creating your tailor-made treatment plan.

Dreams come true in Houston, Texas, at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery. Contact the office to take the first step toward making your vision a reality. Before your appointment, feel free to peruse our patient resources to properly prepare yourself. For a glimpse a little farther over the horizon, read our rave reviews to see our pleased patients leave their 5-star feedback. It all begins when you call (281) 940-1535 and schedule a consultation. If you prefer, we also conduct Virtual Consultations with new patients remotely.


The Clinic for Plastic Surgery’s preparation plans will be personalized to your procedure. It is important that you do your part and execute our instructions with fidelity. If everything goes as it should, you will rendezvous with the doctor on your surgery day in our AAAASF certified operating room at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery. By then, the anesthetics will have adequately taken effect.


We do not recommend that you dive into an ill-advised crash diet or otherwise engage in some other form of rapid weight loss before seeking a tummy tuck procedure. Part of the qualifying conditions for abdominoplasty is a healthy and stable weight.

“Stable” is key because Dr. Sukkar and his team are usually more concerned with how much your total weight has changed in the last year. Obesity may bar some individuals from getting a tummy tuck, but so can dramatic fluctuations in one’s weight. It’s best to commit to a healthy lifestyle for the long term, both before and after your procedure. Then, you will be in the best possible shape for your tummy tuck.

For a tummy tuck Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Sukkar typically begins with a horizontal incision across the hips. He will use this and subsequent incisions to separate your loose skin from the rest of your frame. A tummy tuck involves trimming away lax and saggy skin at the belly. Dr. Sukkar may also repair the underlying muscles with sutures. During the same procedure, we often perform Liposuction in adjacent areas to provide a slimmer body shape. We then close the incisions using stitches, skin adhesives or clips. The procedure takes about three hours, total. Temporary drains may also be placed to collect fluid after surgery. Your midsection will be wrapped in gauze and an elastic bandage to aid the healing process.

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In some cases, our medical team may advise you that a mini tummy tuck is in your best interests. This is an easier, shorter and less intensive variation on traditional abdominoplasty. It’s perfect for patients who suffer from only a very small amount of loose and excess skin. A mini tummy tuck does not involve any repair of the underlying abdominal muscles. Performed under IV sedation and local anesthesia, the surgery involves a small incision just above the pubic area. Once healed, the scar will be very minimal and easy to conceal with clothing, bathing suits or underwear. Through that opening, we can restore your lower abdomen, removing unwanted volume, tightening lax skin and revealing an improved body contour.


Excisional body contouring techniques like tummy tuck are the only sure way to get rid of severely loose skin.

Non-surgical MedSpa procedures may produce stunning outcomes in less advanced cases of laxity, but none of them approach abdominoplasty’s power to transform the shape of your body in a comprehensive and long-lasting way. Hence, recovery from a full tummy tuck can be challenging. You should plan to stay home from work for two weeks as you heal. Make sure a trusted friend or beloved family member is available to provide you with some physical and emotional support until you are better able to care for yourself.

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If you had a mini tummy tuck performed, you can look forward to a slightly less extensive recovery period. Most of our Houston patients are able to resume light daily activities within two days, with a full return to work at ten days. However, you should continue to avoid strenuous exercise for at least four weeks to ensure an optimal healing process.


At The Clinic for Plastic Surgery, our customized aesthetic treatments are tailored to the needs of the individual patient.

The scope and sequence of your body contouring will be determined at your confidential consultation. The price of a tummy tuck can be intimidating for some, but 97% of patients say they felt the cost was worth it. Many of these same patients found our financing options useful as they formulated a financial strategy that best suits their situation.


If you're ready to explore your tummy tuck options, we invite you to schedule a consultation at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery today. During your private meeting in our Houston plastic surgery office, we will carefully assess the cosmetic imperfections you’d most like to address, before creating a custom treatment plan designed to sculpt the exquisite appearance you deserve.

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There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as insurance coverage for tummy tucks can vary depending on your insurance provider and policy. However, most insurance plans generally will not cover cosmetic procedures like tummy tucks. So, if you're considering a tummy tuck, check with your insurance provider to find out if your procedure would be covered.

In many cases, yes. Tummy tucks are often combined with other procedures, such as liposuction, breast augmentation, and more. This can be a great way to get the desired results without undergoing multiple surgeries. Be sure to talk to your surgeon about your options to find the best plan for you.

Tummy tuck and liposuction are both body contouring surgeries, but it is unfair to compare them because they serve different purposes: a tummy tuck removes loose and saggy skin while liposuction is concerned with frustrating fat bulges. Both procedures may play a role in a patient’s comprehensive body contouring plan. Frequently, liposuction is performed during a tummy tuck for optimal results.

You may have to sleep on your back or side for a few weeks following your tummy tuck surgery. This is to help ensure that your incisions heal properly. You may also need to use pillows to prop up your head and torso. Be sure to follow your surgeon's instructions to ensure a successful recovery.

Pregnancy can cause the skin and muscles of the abdomen to stretch, which may negate the effects of a tummy tuck. Therefore, if you plan to get pregnant, it's best to wait until after you've had your baby before considering a tummy tuck. This will give you the best chance of achieving the results you desire.

You'll likely need to take it easy for the first few weeks following your tummy tuck surgery. This means avoiding any strenuous activity, including exercise and sexual activity. Be sure to listen to your body and take things slowly to prevent complications. Once you're feeling better, you can gradually resume your normal activities.

Like any surgery, there are some risks associated with a tummy tuck. These include bleeding, infection, and reactions to anesthesia. There is also a risk of developing blood clots, which can be dangerous. Be sure to talk to your surgeon about the risks before surgery.

Most people take approximately two weeks to recover from a tummy tuck. You'll likely need to take it easy and avoid strenuous activity during this time. You may also experience some discomfort and swelling. Be sure to follow your surgeon's instructions to ensure a successful recovery.

In general, the results of a tummy tuck are long-lasting. However, it's essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid gaining weight, as this can cause the skin and muscles to stretch again. Be sure to talk to your surgeon about maintaining your results so you can enjoy them for years to come.


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