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Breast enhancements are procedures that aim to enlarge, alter the shape of, and improve the feel of a woman’s breasts through various surgical techniques

At the Clinic for Plastic Surgery in Houston breast enhancement surgery is a popular choice for women unhappy with the appearance of their breasts. Some women may pursue surgery after breastfeeding, others may wish to reconstruct them after the ravages of breast cancer, and some simply want to change the way they look cosmetically.

All reasons for seeking breast enhancement surgery are valid, as long as they are motivated by your own feelings about your breasts and not by any external factors such as romantic partners or societal pressure.[1] Do you live in the Houston area? Are you thinking of getting breast enhancements? Then keep reading to get the full comprehensive scope of what we offer at Dr. Sukkar’s Clinic for Plastic Surgery. Click here to arrange a consultation or call us at (281) 940-1535.

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Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that increases your bustline’s appeal through the use of specially made implants . There are three different types of implants:

Saline Implants

  • Saline refers to the sterile saltwater solution inside the silicone shells of the implants. The size of your breasts will depend on the amount of saline inside the implant.
  • Because of saline’s liquid properties, your doctor can insert your implant shells first, then fill them after they have been positioned.
  • Undoubtedly the leader in performance and innovation.[2]
  • This method will result in a smaller scar.

Silicone Implants

  • The most popular option available.
  • Provides breasts with a natural look and responsiveness.
  • They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Anatomical Implants

  • Anatomical implants are a separate category of silicone implants that mimic the “teardrop” slope of a woman’s breast.
  • Creates a natural and tapered look.


  • A more aesthetically pleasing chest
  • Breasts and nipples are more proportional.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Improved sex life.
  • Clothes fit better.
  • Restores figure to pre-pregnancy levels.
  • Rebuilds breasts after mastectomy.


A breast lift is a surgical procedure that aims to raise and uplift sagging or deflated breasts. It is referred to as mastopexy by those in the medical community. Types of breast lifts:

Crescent Lift

  • For minimal sagging

Periareolar Lift

  • For mild sagging

Lollipop Lift

  • For moderate to severe sagging

Full Mastopexy

  • For extreme sagging


A breast reduction is a procedure reserved for women whose breasts are too large for their frame and who wish to reduce the size of their breasts. Techniques:

Anchor Technique

  • For extremely large breasts

Vertical Incision Technique

  • For moderate volume that needs removal

Scarless Breast Reduction

  • For breasts with more fatty than glandular tissue
  • Uses lipo to remove excess fat


Breast reconstruction is a surgical process used to restore breasts that have been lost to cancer or physical trauma. This reconstructive procedure recreates a perky, natural-looking chest and dramatically improves the patient’s quality of life both physically and emotionally. We offer two distinct breast reconstruction options:


  • Less invasive.
  • Ideal for slender women who don’t have enough excess fat.

Flap reconstruction

  • Uses the body’s own tissues to create new breasts.
  • More natural-looking.
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A breast revision is a procedure reserved for women who are unhappy with the results of a previous breast enhancement surgery. The process aims to correct any cosmetic imperfections or complications such as:

  • Implants that are too large or too small
  • Implants that are the wrong shape
  • Unruly scar tissue around implants
  • Implant rippling
  • Shifted, ruptured, or deflated implants
  • Changes in appearance due to weight gain or loss


Gynecomastia is swollen male breast tissue caused by a hormone imbalance. It is commonly known as having man boobs and can develop in any man at any age. This condition does not respond to diet and exercise, making gynecomastia surgery the only way to restore the chest to its masculine ideal.

Both techniques can be performed individually or combined for optimal results. Technique Options:


  • For contouring purposes


  • For fatty tissue with no glandular development


The ideal candidate for breast enhancement is somebody who has one or more of the following:

  • Breasts of differing sizes.
  • Underdeveloped breasts.
  • Sagging or deflated breasts.
  • Dissatisfaction with their breasts in the wake of weight loss, child-rearing, or aging.
  • Breasts that are too big.
  • Damaged or scarred breasts.

Candidates should be in good health and have realistic goals and expectations for their bodies. Candidates should not seek breast enhancement if they:

  • Are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have recently stopped breastfeeding.
  • Have an abnormal mammogram or an undiagnosed breast condition.
  • Have untreated breast cancer.
  • Have a severe illness or infection.
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If youre wondering whether breast enhancements are worth it, schedule a personal consultation with board-certified Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Sukkar. During your consultation for breast enhancement Houston specialists at the Clinic for Plastic Surgery will help guide you along your journey every step of the way. They are considered to be among Houston's top providers of breast augmentations. During your consultation, youll be able to discuss your goals and expectations for your breasts, and together, youll figure out the best path forward.



First, you will want to select the size and shape of your new breasts as well as decide between silicone or saline implants. This will all be discussed and agreed upon during your initial consultation. Breast augmentation costs can vary, depending on the size and type of implant.


You and your doctor will go over the specific type of breast lift youll be receiving as well as any preliminary steps you should take during your consultation.


As long as you are currently cancer-free and want to rediscover your feminine appearance, you will most likely qualify for breast reconstruction. To be sure, we invite you to schedule a private consultation.


Your initial consultation will adequately prepare you for breast reduction surgery. You and your doctor will go over how your new breasts will look.


After an initial consultation to determine whether to remove or replace your implants, you may go forward with your procedure.


Your initial consultation will allow your doctor to determine if you are qualified for surgery. Candidates should be non-smokers in stable health and be able to prove that they’ve been living a healthy lifestyle.


First, your doctor will administer general anesthesia.

From there, he or she will create precise incisions around the areola, armpit, and lower breast crease, creating a pocket inside the chest in which to insert the implant. The incisions will then be closed, making sure that the resulting scars will be unnoticeable. From there, gauze and dressings will be applied to the treated areas.

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  • Your doctor will use an expander to expand your skin over a period of a few weeks.
  • Once the expansion is complete, incisions will be made to insert the implants.

Flap Reconstruction

  • First, the skin, fat, and muscle are removed from the buttocks, back, and abdominal areas.
  • These tissues are then transferred over to the chest area to create brand new breasts.


After administering general anesthesia, your doctor will make incisions around the areola, making sure to remove any excess skin and tighten the area. Your doctor will then close the incisions with sutures with minimal scarring before sending you home.


Anchor Technique

  • After administering general anesthesia, your doctor will create an incision beginning around the nipple and extending down the front of the breast along the crease.

Vertical Incision Technique

  • After administering general anesthesia, your doctor will make an incision that begins around the areola and extends down the breast crease.
  • This results in less visible scars when compared to the traditional anchor approach.

Scarless Breast Reduction

  • After creating an incision within each armpit or in the bottom crease of each breast, your doctor will then use a cannula to break up and remove the fatty tissue gently.
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After administering general anesthesia, your doctor will proceed to sculpt, mold, and tighten your chest through liposuction. Depending on your treatment level, incisions may also be made under the areola to remove any excess volume.


After administering general anesthesia, your doctor will open your prior incision spots to gain access to your implants. From there, depending on your treatment, he or she will remove or replace the implants.



Expect to stay home from work for five to seven days to give yourself ample time to heal. It's normal to experience some swelling, bruising, and pain. However, it will be manageable with the right medication.

Within a week, you'll need to return to our office to have your sutures removed. You should be able to resume most of your activities around this time. You may return to your regular daily routine within three weeks.


Expect to experience some mild pain that should disappear within a few days. It's normal to experience some bruising and swelling in the treatment area. Stay home and limit your activities for about one week. In about three weeks, you'll be able to return to your daily routine without any restrictions.


For the first ten days after the procedure, expect to feel weak and unable to perform daily tasks. There will be some swelling and bruising, but it will subside on its own as you progress. You will be able to resume most activities within the first week, with a full return to your normal lifestyle within three weeks.


After your breast reduction, your doctor will dress you in a surgical bra to support your new chest before sending you home. It's normal to experience pain, grogginess, weakness, swelling, and bruising, but it will all disappear as you recover. Stay home for at least one week, at which point you'll be able to resume much of your daily routine. Within three weeks, you can expect to make a full return to more strenuous exercise and activities.


Expect to spend the first three days entirely in bed. We recommend having a friend or family member stay with you to help with daily activities. Most are able to return to work within one to two weeks. Avoid exercise and strenuous activity for at least four to six weeks.


You will be able to return home immediately following surgery. Plan to take a week off from work. You’ll experience some pain, swelling, and discomfort. Avoid strenuous activities for at least three weeks.


The universal results of breast enhancement procedures are:

  • A more proportional chest
  • An improved body image
  • An increased feeling of attractiveness

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Breast SurgeryFAQs

Breast enhancement is any procedure that aims to enlarge, alter the shape, or correct any perceived aesthetic imperfections in a woman’s breasts through various surgical techniques.

It’s normal to experience some pain after surgery, but it will fade over time.

Yes, despite the myth, women can breastfeed after undergoing enhancements.

Yes, downtime usually lasts a few weeks.


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