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Gynecomastia is a widespread concern, affecting men of various backgrounds. It often brings profound social discomfort and isolation to those it affects. However, there is a compassionate solution in the form of gynecomastia surgery. This procedure aims to alleviate the emotional burden by reducing breast size and effectively removing excess fatty and glandular tissue. The result is a chest that appears more sculpted and flattened, providing individuals with renewed self-assurance and the ability to regain their place in the world with enhanced confidence and comfort.

Male breast reduction is the key to regaining confidence and achieving a more masculine chest contour. If you’re looking for a solution to gynecomastia, look no further than Dr. Sam Sukkar’s practice in Houston, Texas. With his expertise and dedication to patient satisfaction, you can trust that you’re in the right hands. Rediscover your self-assuredness and experience the life-changing benefits of male breast reduction at our esteemed practice.

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A very common condition, gynecomastia causes enlarged, swollen and overly feminine male breasts. It develops due to a hormonal imbalance that can affect men of all ages. Far more than a simple cosmetic issue, gynecomastia is a life-altering and extremely embarrassing condition. And because it is not responsive to diet and exercise, a surgical procedure is the only way to restore your fit and masculine chest.


Our Houston gynecomastia surgery, also known as male breast reduction, offers a range of transformative benefits that can significantly improve an individual’s well-being.

Beyond the physical aspect of reducing enlarged male breasts, this procedure has a profound impact on one’s self-confidence. It eliminates the embarrassment and self-esteem issues associated with gynecomastia, enabling individuals to feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies. The surgery restores a masculine chest contour, enhancing the overall appearance and allowing for greater freedom in clothing choices. The physical comfort gained from the procedure further contributes to an improved quality of life.

Beyond the physical benefits, gynecomastia surgery has a positive influence on mental health. It can alleviate anxiety and depression related to body image concerns, leading to enhanced psychological well-being. Ultimately, the combined effects of improved physical and mental health make gynecomastia surgery a valuable option for those seeking a more fulfilling and confident life.

Ideal Candidate

If your gynecomastia causes you emotional distress, it’s time to explore your surgical options.

In general, you’ll be considered an ideal candidate for gynecomastia surgery if you’re a non-smoker who has suffered from gynecomastia for at least one year. Additionally, your condition needs to be stable and you should be able to prove that you’ve attempted to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan in an effort to reduce the excess volume – but it hasn’t worked. As long as you meet all of those requirements, there is a very strong chance that male breast reduction is right for you.

Procedure Details

When male patients require a breast reduction, it’s commonly because they’re suffering from an extremely distressing condition called gynecomastia.

When this occurs, Dr. Sukkar, one of the top providers of gynecomastia surgery Houston has to offer, will perform a specialized procedure designed to remove the excess volume and restore your distinctly masculine physique.

Dr. Sukkar is proud to offer two distinct treatments for gynecomastia: surgical excision and liposuction. They may be performed on their own, but more often than not the two procedures are combined to ensure an optimal result. During your initial consultation for gynecomastia surgery Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Sukkar will work closely with you to determine which approach is in your best interest and can restore the flat and masculine chest you deserve.


  • Will I be able to take time off work to heal?
  • No nicotine at least 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Is there a responsible caretaker available while you heal?
  • Is your condition stable


Gynecomastia surgery offers a solution for those seeking a more sculpted, muscular chest. For example, if your breasts possess mainly fatty tissue without excessive glandular development, you may only need a liposuction procedure.

In this case, liposuction will allow Dr. Sukkar to sculpt, firm and tighten your chest to reveal a fit and firm contour. If optimal results cannot be achieved through liposuction alone, Dr. Sukkar may also perform surgical excision. Surgical removal is accomplished through a small incision along the bottom of each areola. Through that opening, the excess volume will be removed. In most cases, surgical excision is combined with liposuction, which allows Dr. Sukkar to sculpt and contour your chest – ensuring you’re thrilled with the final outcome.


If your gynecomastia is primarily a product of excess fat tissue, you may be able to resolve your concerns with liposuction alone. In this case, your surgeon will make several very small incisions through which they will insert a thin cannula. Then, carefully moving the cannula back and forth within the treatment area, your surgeon will suction out the excess fat to sculpt a more masculine chest. Finally, your surgeon will close your incisions, apply any necessary dressings, and send you home to begin your recovery. Liposuction is a less invasive treatment option than excision, though it is less effective for men with more significant amounts of excess breast tissue.


Excision may be a more appropriate technique for your gynecomastia surgery if you have excess skin and glandular tissue. Furthermore, excision is the only treatment option if you would like to reduce the size of your areola or reposition the nipple. If you qualify for excision gynecomastia and also have excess fatty breast tissue, your surgeon may include liposuction in your surgery to achieve comprehensive results. The location of your incisions will depend on your specific needs. Once your surgeon has successfully removed your excess breast tissue, they will close and dress your incisions. As soon as you wake up from anesthesia, you will be able to head home to recover.


Immediately after your gynecomastia surgery, you will be able to return home to begin the healing process. You should plan to take off from work for at least the first week, as you’ll be experiencing some pain, swelling and discomfort. To reduce these effects, you’ll be advised to take your pain medication as prescribed by Dr. Sukkar and wear a special compression garment. Additionally, it’s important that you avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for at least three weeks to ensure a smooth recovery.


Your results will gradually appear as your swelling and incision lines fade. After your gynecomastia surgery Houston patients can expect to realize their final results within three to six months.


Are you ready to explore the possibilities of gynecomastia surgery? Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with The Clinic for Plastic Surgery today.

At our state-of-the-art Houston plastic surgery center, we’ll conduct a private assessment to understand your specific aesthetic concerns. From there, we’ll craft a personalized treatment strategy to help you achieve the beautiful look you desire.


Is Gynecomastia surgery common?

Gynecomastia surgery is relatively common, with many individuals seeking this procedure to address the condition of enlarged male breasts. It is a well-established and frequently performed surgical solution.

Is Gynecomastia surgery painful?

Pain associated with Gynecomastia surgery is typically well-managed with pain medications prescribed by the surgeon. While some discomfort and soreness are expected during recovery, they are generally manageable and temporary.

Is Gynecomastia surgery permanent?

Gynecomastia surgery can provide long-lasting results, especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle. However, it’s essential to maintain a stable weight to ensure the permanence of the surgical outcome.

Can Gynecomastia be resolved without surgery?

In some cases, mild cases of gynecomastia may resolve on their own, especially if the underlying cause is hormone-related and temporary. However, for more severe and persistent cases, surgery is often the most effective and definitive solution.

How much does Gynecomastia surgery cost?

The cost of gynecomastia surgery can vary based on factors such as the extent of the procedure and geographical location. It’s important to consult with a qualified surgeon for a personalized quote. Regarding insurance coverage, it’s advisable to check with your provider, as coverage may vary depending on individual circumstances and the underlying cause of gynecomastia.