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If your hair loss problems are robbing your life of some of the happiness and satisfaction you deserve, there is no better time to get NeoGraft hair restoration treatment from Dr. Sukkar. Call us today at (281) 940-1535 to schedule a consultation and discover how we can change your life with this groundbreaking treatment!

Most men and some women experience some degree of hair loss over time. Thinner, finer hair or balding areas creates a dramatic change in your appearance, leaving you looking older, which is especially distressing for younger people.

Earlier hair transplant procedures were only moderately effective, and older techniques of hair follicle harvesting left a linear scar that made it impossible to wear shorter hairstyles. With the revolutionary neograft system, however, we can perform an automated, minimally-invasive hair transplant on almost anyone, leaving no visible scars and effectively restoring your look – in less time, with less trauma.


The NeoGraft system uses suction (pneumatic pressure) to harvest individual donor hair follicles gently. The NeoGraft system was designed to remove hair follicles more gently and has a very high success rate for extracting healthy, producing hair follicles without damage – for a more successful result in an implant.


The neograft system is then used to implant the hair follicles in a random pattern throughout the targeted area on your scalp, creating a natural-looking result. Neograft doesn’t produce the “hair plug” look that was typical of earlier procedures because of the innovative way that individual follicles are implanted – not the visible rows of older techniques. The procedure is far more comfortable to experience, takes far less time, does not involve incisions and stitches, and produces superior results.


In addition to the control and consistency that this system provides, NeoGraft is significantly faster than manual harvesting and implantation. Some of the benefits of NeoGraft are:

  • Superior results. neograft is proven to be effective at restoring your youthful hairline, much more so than earlier treatments where a much lower number of hair follicles survived the transplant procedure.
  • Minimal pain. because the process is very gentle to your scalp, there is minimal pain and discomfort – both during and after the procedure.
  • Rapid recovery. most patients return to normal activities within a few days of the procedure, and after seven to ten days, your newly transported hair will be integrated into your scalp and the new hair growth process will begin.
  • No visible scarring. the neograft system pulls the individual donor follicles using a pneumatic vacuum system, making tiny incisions that leave scars so small they are virtually invisible.
  • No stitches or staples. the incisions made using neograft are tiny – so we don’t need to use any staples or sutures to heal them – the healing occurs naturally.


Both men and women can benefit from a NeoGraft procedure. It is appropriate for those who wear their hair long as well as those with shorter hair. (In fact, it is a superior option for those who prefer short back or side hair.) NeoGraft is available to patients of any ethnicity or skin type. Dr. Sukkar will make the final determination regarding your eligibility for NeoGraft, but certain factors will increase the likelihood that is the right choice for you:

  • Your hair loss should not be so advanced that the supply of donor follicles could be insufficient
  • You should be in generally good health
  • If you have had an earlier procedure that left you with a visible and embarrassing linear scar, a neograft treatment can be an excellent way to camouflage the scar


Most clients seeking hair restoration are unsure about price, but 95% of patients that received NeoGraft said it was worth the cost.


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