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ACP, or Autologous Conditioned Plasma, has revolutionized aesthetics. One widespread use for ACP is hair regeneration for people who are experiencing the early stages of hair loss. Thinning hair affects a vast majority of men and women as they enter their thirties, forties, and beyond. Some patients are genetically programmed for baldness as early as their twenties.

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The early stages of balding can negatively impact your self-confidence or make you look far older than you are.

ACP hair loss treatment in Houston offers a natural, non-surgical way to boost hair growth and help trigger the body to produce more natural hair in the thinning areas.

ACP, or Autologous Conditioned Plasma, is a concentrated, regenerative “booster shot” produced from your own blood and then injected into your scalp.

Platelets are cells in your blood that trigger blood clotting and promote healing, growth, and regeneration, and plasma is the liquid part of your blood. By drawing a small quantity of blood and separating the platelets, we create ACP serum: a shot of your plasma with a concentrated amount of growth-stimulating platelets.

If you have lost too much hair for ACP hair loss therapy to work effectively on its own, ACP can be combined with a hair transplant to create a comprehensive hair rejuvenation system to restore lost hair in balding areas, from hairline to crown.


ACP hair restoration has the ability to restore hair growth in damaged follicles. As a result of your ACP treatment, you can expect increased hair growth in addition to thicker, healthier hair strands. Ultimately, you will realize enhanced self-confidence and restored vitality as you realize a fuller, more lustrous, and youthful-looking head of hair.

Ideal Candidate

The best candidates for ACP hair restoration are men and women in the beginning stages of hair loss, as hair follicles that have been dormant for an extended period of time may not be as responsive to ACP treatment as those that have become defective more recently. As ACP uses your own body’s growth factors, you won’t have to worry about having an adverse reaction to treatment. However, ACP may not be the right treatment option for patients with an active infection that could spread with injections or a bleeding disorder.

Treating Hair Loss

Although you may be prone to losing a few hairs each day, it does not lead to noticeable hair loss as the follicle is still active. Hair moves through several phases, one of which is shedding, after which the hair is regenerated – if the follicle is healthy and producing. When the follicle becomes inactive is when you will start to experience thinning hair, or your hairline starts to recede. While hair transplant therapy may be needed if the hair loss happened long ago, ACP therapy treats the underlying causes of hair loss by restoring life to dying hair follicles. ACP therapy can:

  • Bring inactive follicles back to life, causing a resurgence of hair growth in thinning areas
  • Thicken hair that has become thin and fine
  • Restore youthful vibrancy and luster to your hair

By treating the causes of hair loss with ACP therapy, you can ward off the progression of hair loss in the early stages.


ACP hair loss treatment is quick and relatively painless. A ACP hair treatment can require as little as thirty minutes, and typically no longer than an hour. Patients usually report the procedure as being easy to tolerate. The sensation is similar to the experience of any injection.


Our Houston ACP hair loss treatment patients typically require minimal recovery time and can resume their routine immediately, with no downtime. You may need to avoid vigorous activity or exercise for one or two days.


Most patients notice increased hair growth three to six months after treatment, with further improvements over time. Some patients see optimum results with only one treatment, while others may need additional treatments.

Why Choose Dr. Sukkar

PRP Hair Restoration Houston, TX

Dr. Sam Sukkar at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery in Houston has nearly two decades of experience performing cosmetic treatments and has performed thousands of successful procedures. He stays current on the latest advancements and techniques in hair restoration for the benefit of his patients who are experiencing hair loss. Dr. Sukkar and his friendly staff are committed to compassionate care and strive to offer the most effective, custom-tailored ACP hair loss treatment Houston has to offer. If you are struggling with thinning hair, ACP hair restoration is the natural way to restore healthy hair growth. Connect with our friendly team to find out more about this regenerative treatment.


If you’re ready to explore your cosmetic options, we invite you to schedule a consultation at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery today.

During your private meeting in our Clear Lake office, we will carefully assess the cosmetic imperfections you’d most like to address, before creating a custom treatment plan designed to sculpt the exquisite appearance you deserve.



In the event that your needs require more than one ACP hair restoration treatment, you can expect to space your treatments several months apart. This spacing will offer you optimal results as well as minimal time investment toward a rejuvenated scalp.


Because ACP hair restoration works by rejuvenating hair follicles, it can only reverse hair loss that is caused by follicular damage. It is best applied to patients with androgenic alopecia. However, if your hair loss is related to other causes, you may be a candidate for an alternative treatment. Similarly, if your hair loss has advanced beyond the scope of ACP hair restoration treatment, you may be able to regain your hair growth through another method.