MyEllevate Neck Lift Houston, TX

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MyEllevate Neck Lift Houston, TX

If you’ve ever logged into a Zoom call and thought, ”My neck and jawline look slack,” you’re not alone. Camera distortion is real. However, if you glance in the mirror and see signs of aging, such as loss of jawline definition, sagging skin, or neck bands, it may be time to consider a neck rejuvenation treatment. If you’re not quite ready for traditional neck lift surgery, MyEllevate in Houston at The Clinic For Plastic Surgery – PS Med Spa could be the minimally-invasive solution you seek.

Instead of resorting to a neck lift, consider MyEllevate®, a minimally invasive jawline contouring treatment that reshapes the area beneath the chin so it looks firm, smooth, and beautifully defined. In the hands of award-winning Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Sam M. Sukkar, the results of the MyEllevate® neck lift are nothing short of exquisite.

Before and After Photos


Models have striking facial features, including chiseled jawlines, smooth skin, and slender necks.

The rest of us mere mortals succumb to aging over the years. By ages 30 to 45, the skin on the neck and jawline often becomes slack, resulting in a ski-slope appearance when viewed from the side. Neck bands and wrinkles can also make us look older and erode our confidence. Instead of living with an aged appearance, a groundbreaking neck rejuvenation treatment known as MyEllevate® can restore a sculpted jawline and toned neck that looks years younger.

MyEllevate® is the brainchild of a forward-thinking, board-certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Dubbed the “Zoom Lift” by Elle Magazine, MyEllevate® is a minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation procedure that lifts, tightens, and contours the upper neck and submental region using a medical-grade permanent suture. It is ideal for patients with premature signs of aging beneath the jawline, including loss of youthful firmness, jawline laxity, and prominent neck glands.


MyEllevate® lifts and supports the skin on the upper neck with an internal suture suspension system.

The 100-inch permanent suture is threaded beneath the skin and above the muscle. The suture matrix acts like scaffolding to uplift and support the lax tissues, giving the area beneath the jawline a more defined, contoured appearance, both in person and during your dreaded Monday morning Zoom meeting.

MyEllevate vs. Traditional Facelift

MyEllevate® has filled a gap in the marketplace for patients seeking a lower-impact alternative to neck lift surgery. Instead of cutting away the excess skin or tightening the platysma muscle, MyEllevate® uses a web of permanent sutures that provide structural support to lift and suspend the tissues surrounding the jawline. It addresses the percutaneous area beneath the skin and above the muscle without a long incision, so there is no obvious scarring. MyEllevate® also costs less and has a shorter recovery time versus a conventional neck lift.


The Safest, Fastest, Easiest Alternative to A Traditional Neck LIft

MyEllevate® does not require long incisions.

Instead, the tiny punctures, hidden beneath the jawline, are approximately one millimeter in length, or the size of a raindrop. The scars are nearly invisible once healed. It also has a built-in safety mechanism to prevent damage to deeper structures. To ensure the suture remains in the superficial area under the skin and above the muscle, MyEllevate® comes with a light-guided rod that provides real-time feedback to the surgeon. The light flashes red to indicate if the surgeon has gone too deep. The intelligent system makes the entire process safer, faster, easier, and more sophisticated than alternatives such as PDO thread lifts. Finally, the MyEllevate® suture is permanent for a more long-lasting result.

The Top Reasons to consider MyEllevate Neck Lift:

  • No incisions
  • Minimal scarring
  • Rapid recovery time
  • No general anesthesia
  • Performed in less than an hour

Ideal Candidate

To determine if neck rejuvenation is right for you, you’ll need to speak with Dr. Sukkar during a video or in-person consultation. Certain health conditions may prevent some individuals from partaking in the treatment. Pregnant and breastfeeding patients should not undergo MyEllevate®.


AIf you are a candidate, you may need to temporarily quit using herbal supplements, Vitamin E, and certain medications such as blood thinners and NSAIDs. If you smoke, you will need to quit several weeks before your procedure to ensure a safe recovery. Please follow all pre-treatment instructions carefully, as they are designed to ensure you have the safest treatment and recovery possible.

Complementary Procedures

MyEllevate® works incredibly well on its own to rejuvenate an aging neck.

The results get even better when paired with other facial treatments, such as Kybella for double chin fat or laser skin rejuvenation. At The Clinic For Plastic Surgery – PS Med Spa, we customize each treatment plan to match your unique cosmetic concerns, allowing you to recapture the smooth, tight, glowy skin from your youth.


Dr. Sukkar performs the MyEllevate® procedure in his office. The process takes less than 60 minutes. First, he numbs the area using a local anesthetic injection. He may also provide a sedative to make the process more comfortable. Once the area is totally numb, he uses sterile, single-use instruments to make a few 1-millimeter punctures just beneath the jawline, each approximately the size of a pencil eraser. Using MyEllevate®’s patented ICLED light guidance, he places the medical-grade sutures into the ideal position to recontour the jawline.

Results & Recovery

MyEllevate Neck Lift Houston, TX

As an outpatient procedure, you will be free to return home shortly after your treatment. If you took a sedative, please have a chaperone drive you home from your appointment. You should be able to resume work and light exercise within a few days. While there is virtually no downtime, some patients take a break from social events for a few weeks until all the swelling resolves. Bruising is generally mild and lasts two weeks on average.

Most patients see a big difference immediately after their procedure, but it can take four weeks or more to appreciate the final results. Patients that try MyEllevate® find they enjoy a refreshed appearance for five years or longer.

Why Choose Dr. Sukkar?

MyEllevate® is a delicate procedure best left in the hands of a trained plastic surgeon.

Our founder, Dr. Sam Sukkar, is board certified, fellowship trained, and has invested thousands of hours in the most demanding plastic surgical programs. He has dedicated his life to ensuring each patient looks beautiful and natural after their procedures. With countless five-star ratings, Dr. Sukkar and his team at The Clinic For Plastic Surgery – PS MedSpa have earned a reputation for delivering age-defying results that stand the test of time. Our patients also enjoy spa-like amenities, including an upstairs gym, locker rooms, showers, and a scenic outdoor patio complete with a soothing waterfall and fire pit. It is the perfect place to kick back and relax before and after indulging in your treatments.


MyEllevate® helps you look your best, both on screen and in person.

If you’re interested in learning more about MyEllevate® in Houston, get in touch with The Clinic For Plastic Surgery – PS MedSpa at (281) 940-1535 or fill out our online booking form.


Is a MyEllevate® Neck Lift permanent?

Most patients enjoy their MyEllevate® results for five years or more.

Is MyEllevate® the same as a thread lift?

MyEllevate® differs from a PDO thread lift because the sutures do not dissolve. MyEllevate® also uses patented ICLED light guidance to place the sutures under the skin rather than introducing them blindly. In short, the process is safer, and the results last much longer.

Can MyEllevate® provide the same results as a neck lift?

While MyEllevate® results in dramatic improvements, nothing can beat a neck lift for patients with advanced signs of aging like severe neck bands. The good news is Dr. Sukkar can perform MyEllevate® during plastysmaplasty, the procedure that treats the neck muscles responsible for neck bands.

Does MyEllevate® reduce chin fat?

MyEllevate® helps the neck and jawline appear slimmer and more shapely. If you have excess submental fat or a double chin, Dr. Sukkar might suggest adding chin liposuction to your procedure for the best result.

Is a MyEllevate Neck Lift painful?

There is virtually no pain during the procedure due to the local anesthetic. The recovery after MyEllevate is considerably more comfortable than traditional neck lift surgery as there is less tightness, swelling, and bruising.

What are the risks associated with a MyEllevate Neck Lift?

All elective cosmetic procedures carry risks. MyEllevate is less risky than conventional surgery, although infection, scarring, and dissatisfaction with the results are possible. The best way to mitigate unwanted side effects is to seek an experienced Houston MyEllevate provider such as The Clinic for Plastic Surgery.