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The Clinic for Plastic Surgery relies on the training and experience of two brilliant individuals: Dr. Sukkar has received the prestigious Patient’s Choice Award (only 5% of the nation’s physicians receive this). You will immediately know you’re in good hands once you meet with this team for a consultation for your Houston high definition liposuction for men.


A newly refined technique, High Definition Liposuction is a cutting-edge technology that allows for the most precise sculpting of the male body, representing the next generation of cosmetic surgeries.

The technology uses a 3D scanner to map out the patient’s desired physique. This allows the surgeon to see exactly what the patient wants to achieve and how to best go about achieving those results. The surgery is then performed using very small incisions and special cannulas that allow for the most precise sculpting possible.

The main difference between Hi-Def Liposuction and traditional liposuction is the level of precision that Hi-Definition Liposuction offers. Traditional procedures can sometimes leave patients with less than desired results because it is difficult to target specific areas without affecting surrounding tissues. Hi-Def lipo eliminates this problem by allowing the surgeon to target areas the patient wants to improve specifically.


There are many benefits to Male High Definition Liposuction Houston patients have experienced, but the most notable is the level of precision and control that it offers. This type can help patients achieve results that they may have thought were impossible with traditional lipo. Additionally, Hi-Definition Liposuction is minimally invasive so that patients can expect a quick recovery time and minimal scarring.

Hi-Def may help you live a better life by emphasizing the definition of your muscles, making you thinner, and boosting your appearance. The treatment can also aid in the improvement of your self-confidence and body image.

Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidate for a Hi-Def procedure is a man who wants to improve his physique but has been unable to achieve the results he wants through diet and exercise alone. High Def Liposuction can help patients sculpt their bodies to create a more athletic look. Patients should have realistic expectations for their results and be in good overall health before undergoing surgery.

Procedure Details

HD Liposuction is performed under general anesthesia.

First, small incisions are made in the treatment area. Then, a cannula is inserted through the incisions and used to break up and suction out the unwanted fat cells. The surgery is then performed using tiny incisions and special cannulas that allow for the most precise sculpting possible.

After the surgery is complete, the incisions are closed with sutures, and a compression garment is applied to help reduce swelling.

Why Dr. Sukkar?

Dr. Sukkar is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Houston who specializes in Hi-Def Liposuction. He has extensive experience helping patients achieve their desired results. Dr. Sukkar will work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your unique needs and goals.

Recovery & Aftercare

Most patients experience some bruising and swelling after surgery, but this typically subsides within two weeks.

You will be able to return to work and your normal activities within a week. However, you should avoid strenuous exercise for at least four weeks after your surgery.

It is important to follow all of your surgeon’s postoperative instructions carefully to ensure a successful recovery time.

Concerns that can be addressed with a Hi-Definition Liposuction:

  • Areas of stubborn fat that diet and exercise won’t fix
  • Asymmetry between sides of the body
  • Lack of definition in muscle groups
  • Excess skin laxity

Dr. Sukkar has performed hundreds of liposuction operations throughout his career as a board-certified plastic surgeon. He refined his talents and developed distinct techniques during that time. He’s also seen how liposuction may transform a person’s body and boost their self-esteem.

That is why he felt compelled to create this book so that they might make well-informed decisions about their own bodies. Take a look at it here.


A Hi-Def procedure can produce dramatic male liposuction results that are visible almost immediately. The results will continue to improve as swelling subsides and the treated area heals. The final results of your surgery will be visible within three to six months.

Most patients are thrilled with their results and enjoy a significant boost in confidence.


Liposuction is a safe and effective way to contour your body. The results of your male high definition liposuction can be long-lasting if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Contact us for your consultation today to get you one step closer to raising your confidence and feeling good.


Is HD Liposuction painful? What does it feel like?

Most patients report that the procedure is only mildly uncomfortable. The majority of the discomfort is due to the anesthesia and wearing the compression garment. Most people compare it to a really bad sunburn.

Is high definition liposuction safe? What are the risks?

Hi-Definition Lipo is a safe and effective procedure with minimal risks. The most common complications are bruising, swelling, and soreness. These typically resolve within two weeks.

Is high definition liposuction permanent? Will my fat come back? Should I expect follow-up treatments?

The results of your procedure are permanent as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fat cells that are removed during surgery will not grow back. However, if you gain weight, the remaining fat cells can enlarge, which may affect your results.

Will I need to have someone drive me home following the procedure?

Yes, you will need to have someone drive you home following your surgery. You should not drive or operate any machinery for at least 24 hours after your procedure.

Will I need to wear compression garments following HD Liposuction?

Yes, you will need to wear a compression garment for at least four weeks following your surgery. This will help reduce swelling and bruising.

How much does high definition liposuction cost?

The cost of liposuction is determined by the volume of fat removed and the number of areas being treated. Because it is considered cosmetic surgery, insurance companies usually won’t cover a Hi-Def procedure.