As we age it is natural for the breasts to begin to sag. The biggest force contributing to sagging breasts is gravity, particularly in women with large breasts.

There is a protein called elastin that is present in all skin tissue. Elastin keeps the skin elastic as the name suggests and anything that decreases elastin will result in breast sagging as well as sagging in other parts of the body.

One of the biggest culprits contributing to sagging skin is cigarette smoking. Smoking compromises elastin which in turn reduces the skin’s ability to hold its shape and bounce back when stretched. Weight gain is another common contributor to sagging breasts. Women who gain and lose significant amounts of weight over time will hasten the effects of gravity on their breasts as elastin breaks down.

The increase in breast size during pregnancy adds weight which puts extra strain on muscles and ligaments. This can lead to sagging breasts particularly after multiple pregnancies. However, contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding alone is not a cause of saggy breasts. It is the added breast size experienced during pregnancy that causes the sagging so getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight will reduce the strain on the ligaments.


Slowing the progress of sagging breasts is possible. Since the problem lies in stretched ligaments that loose elasticity, wearing a good supportive bra, particularly while exercising, will reduce the stress that would naturally be placed on the supportive muscles.

Maintaining a healthy weight by avoiding dramatic swings in weight will also help your ligaments and muscles support the breasts. Giving up smoking will go a long way to preventing the breakdown of elastin not only in the breasts but in the face and other areas.


If your sagging breasts are causing you to seriously dislike your appearance, a surgical breast lift can be done to tighten the slack muscles and ligaments and reposition the areola and nipple structure to a more youthful position on the chest. In some women, a breast lift with augmentation is beneficial and will restore both position and fullness lost through the aging process.


Women who have large breasts can experience significant health improvements through a breast reduction with lift. The improvement in back health, reduction of painful bra strap grooves in the shoulders and reduction of skin rashes is a bigger benefit than the cosmetic improvement according to our patients.


If you would like a confidential consultation about your breast sagging issues, contact our office for an appointment with Dr. Sukkar. He has helped countless women regain a youthful silhouette as well as improvement in health issues related to sagging breasts.

Whether you need a simple breast lift, a lift with augmentation or a breast reduction with a lift, you can be confident in trusting your procedure to a plastic surgeon with decades of experience in breast procedures.

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