Dr. Sukkar Discusses Less-Invasive Liposuction in Houston, TX

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), breast augmentation was the most-performed surgical cosmetic procedure in 2009, while liposuction was number two. The study also highlighted the dramatic increase in the public’s preference for nonsurgical cosmetic enhancement, with procedures such as BOTOX ® Cosmetic, and other minimally-invasive procedures available at Sukkar Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX.

Dr. Sam Sukkar specifically discussed Vaser ® Liposculpture, which is an effective, less-invasive method of fat removal compared to the traditional liposuction procedure. He says one aspect of the Vaser method that sets it apart from liposuction is the ability to factor in the unique anatomical structure of each patient, which creates enhanced body contouring results.

Dr. Sukkar adds that providing his patients a less-invasive option such as Vaser Liposculpture is important to him, because his practice philosophy is based on patient safety and satisfaction. As the trends are sure to continue to change concerning patient preference, Dr. Sukkar notes that he is the only plastic surgeon in Houston to offer this type of procedure, and says he will continue to strive for the most-advanced cosmetic enhancement technology available.

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