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With a commitment to producing the best plastic surgery results possible, Dr. Sam Sukkar is pleased to reveal he has been accepted into the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). As the world’s leading organization for board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons, ISAPS is composed of more than 2,400 member surgeons spanning 94 different countries. This accreditation communicates to patients that they are receiving care from the most qualified of surgeons.

The mission of ISAPS is to promote excellence in aesthetic plastic surgery, and only the most qualified surgeons are considered for membership. The rigorous review process requires surgeons to be in practice for at least three years after all preliminary medical training, and they must demonstrate they are board certified, uphold the highest safety standards, are committed to ethical care, and are trained in the latest techniques and treatments.

In addition to accrediting cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeons, ISAPS holds scientific conferences, where surgeons can discuss the latest research and innovations in the field. Dr. Sukkar says, “Having a global exposure allows ISAPS member surgeons to broaden their aesthetic surgical perspective and learn from colleagues who may have developed new techniques not common in the U.S.” Beyond the exciting opportunity of traveling internationally to these meetings, Dr. Sukkar emphasizes, “By remaining open and receptive to the knowledge of others, we can adopt or adapt new techniques that can improve the lives of our patients.”

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