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Coolsculpting® is an advanced new procedure performed at Sukkar Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa. Dr. Sam Sukkar is pleased to offer the non-invasive solution for those desiring a body contouring treatment with minimal downtime. To help you get a better understanding of what Coolsculpting® entails and what you can expect should you undergo the treatment, Dr. Sukkar answers frequently asked questions below.

How does Coolsculpting® work?
Coolsculpting® is designed to eliminate fat cells to create a more desired body shape through the process of Cryolipolysis®. This involves intense cooling of the target area, which leads to crystallization of the fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue. As a result, the fat cells are gradually destroyed, providing a slightly contoured appearance to the trouble area.

Am I a good candidate for Coolsculpting®?
Those who are of a healthy weight but are unhappy with localized areas of stubborn fat that can’t be reduced with diet and exercise typically make good candidates for Coolsculpting®. These patients often desire a non-surgical approach to contouring specific areas of fat. It should be noted that Coolsculpting® is not a treatment for obesity and is not a substitute for procedures like liposuction.

How do Coolsculpting® results compare to liposuction?
Since Coolsculpting® is a non-invasive procedure, the results are more subtle and occur more gradually than liposuction. However, patients who are looking for a non-surgical body contouring procedure may find Coolsculpting® to be a viable option.

What can I expect following the procedure?
Immediately following your Coolsculpting® procedure, the treated fat cells will begin to break down and naturally pass through the body over time. Patients can typically see their results improve over the course of two to four months. After this period, you can undergo additional sessions should you desire further treatment.

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To learn if Coolsculpting® can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, please contact Sukkar Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa to schedule your consultation.

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