One of the most stressful experiences women feel while preparing for breast augmentation is selecting the size of breast implants to be used. However, we have great experience helping our patients through breast implant sizing and can make it clear, logical, and actually a fun part of your surgery. Here are three easy steps to help you select the right breast implant…

Step 1 Measurements:

Our first key steps in breast implant sizing are a bit more scientific. Dr. Sukkar will need to know the dimensions of your breast and chest. Think of these measurements as your real breast size. After all, when you try-on a new dress or pair of shoes you don’t select any size at random and see how it looks. Rather, you select your new dress to fit your body and shape, greatly dependent on your predetermined size. Your key dimension for determining your breast size is the width of your breast. The breast width is measured (in centimeters) from the cleavage area to the outer part of your breast, next to your arm. This is measured in a straight line and is not curved around the arc of your breast. Most women’s breast are about 11-14 cm wide.

Step 2 Vectra 3 D Imaging:

Vectra 3-D Imaging is the latest and so far the best way to get an idea of what your breasts will look like following your surgery. The Vectra system uses several cameras to generate a dynamic digital 3-D image of your breasts, which can then be manipulated on the computer to show how your breasts will look like after breast augmentation. The Vectra imaging system allows our patients and Dr. Sukkar to view and discuss realistic 3D simulations of their breast augmentation in advance of having their procedure done. Images depicting the likely outcome can be viewed from any angle, and they can be superimposed over the woman’s pre-op images to show the differences. The images can also be viewed side-by-side. The Vectra 3D imaging can generate a custom report including pre-op photos, breast measurements, and information on implant selection. Our patients can now see how their breasts will appear before having breast augmentation.

Step 3 Sizing- Trying on Breast Implants:

During your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Sukkar, you will be given the opportunity to wear breast implant sizers in a number of different sizes to help you get a better idea about the look and feel your breasts will have after enlargement. Dr. Sukkar will talk to you about how different breast implant types will affect the appearance of your breasts, and how placement of the implants differs from merely placing them in the bra. Ultimately the breast implant size you select is your choice. We respect your needs and you prerogative in making this very personal decision. Simply put- we are dedicated to providing you with the results you desire.

To learn more about selecting the right size of breast implants for your body and your desired appearance, contact Sukkar Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa of Houston, Texas at (281) 990-8487.

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