Fat injections can be a great way to naturally enhance any area of the body, providing a smoother, more beautiful contour. While most of my patients choose to have fat injections to enhance their facial features, such as their lips or cheeks, fat grafting can also be used to contour other areas of the body. Another common area for fat injections is the buttocks for improved shape. The injections help to fill out flatter areas and create the desired contours. Because we are using fat, the results should be soft and natural.

Recently, breast enhancement fat injections have been gaining popularity as well. Over the past few years, more and more women are utilizing these injections as an adjunct to their breast augmentation. I use fat injections to help camouflage areas where a patient’s tissues may be thinner, so that the implant will be less likely to show a rippling effect in that area. This technique is also beneficial for breast reconstruction patients to help create a softer, more natural appearance to the reconstructed breast. No matter where you select to have fat grafting treatments, most patients will require a follow-up treatment, as some of the fat may be re-absorbed into the body.


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