A common concern for patients considering a facelift, or any cosmetic surgery procedure, is how long their results will last. While this can vary according to genetics, lifestyle, and other factors, Dr. Sam Sukkar strives to help patients understand what they can expect should they undergo a specific procedure.

Facelift surgery, for instance, provides lifting of deep facial tissues to provide long-lasting results. It is designed to improve lax skin, fatty deposits, and loose muscles that develop in the face with age, returning it to a more youthful state. While a facelift can take years, if not decades, off the face, Dr. Sukkar emphasizes that the procedure will not stop aging. He says that after a patient undergoes the procedure, they can experience improvement for about six to nine months as the tissues heal. After this period, they can see a rejuvenated facial appearance that ages more gracefully with time.

Dr. Sukkar encourages anyone considering facelift surgery to schedule their consultation at Sukkar Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa to learn how the rejuvenative procedure can help them reach their aesthetic goals.

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