Plastic Surgeon in Houston Utilizes Advanced Power-Assisted Liposuction

Houston, TX — At his center for plastic surgery in Houston, Dr. Sam Sukkar has announced he will be now providing an innovative technique for liposuction to help patients achieve a slimmer figure with less downtime and discomfort than traditional procedures. As modern plastic surgery continues to evolve and progress towards providing safer, more successful care, Dr. Sukkar says his new PowerX® Power-Assisted Liposuction device is a top-of-the-line advancement designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness. He says he is excited to introduce the new procedure and hopes it will allow him to enhance the level of care available at his practice through constant pursuit of the latest techniques and technologies.

As a plastic surgeon in Houston, Dr. Sukkar focuses on a wide variety of aesthetic treatments, ranging from liposuction and tummy tucks to breast augmentation and facial rejuvenation. With demand for cosmetic surgery at one of the highest levels in recent history, he says staying up-to-date with the most advanced devices and approaches is essential for treating patients, particularly with a procedure such as power assisted liposuction in Houston. Thanks to a host of patient benefits, Dr. Sukkar says the PowerX® Liposuction System will be a welcome addition to his practice’s line of procedures to help men and women gain confidence in their bodies. “PowerX is a powerful liposuction aspiration technology that will allow a more efficient fat removal with ultimately less down time for the patient and less fatigue on the surgeon. This is exciting because it will allow more time for precise sculpting,” says Dr. Sukkar.

Developed by the same company that produces VASER® Liposuction, Sound Surgical Technologies, Inc., the PowerX® Liposuction System utilizes a rotational handpiece and continuous, uninterrupted suction to reduce fat deposits and create a more sculpted appearance. Dr. Sukkar says some of the most notable benefits available from the innovative design are optimal control and precision from the surgeon, which allows for minimized trauma and bruising to the surrounding areas, lower discomfort, and a shorter procedure and recovery time. Because of advancements in body contouring in Houston like the PowerX® Liposuction System and VASER®, he says patients will be able to achieve a more toned figure, as well as the lasting reduction of fat in problem areas such as the hips and abdomen: “Patients will enjoy a smoother final result and optimal shape after liposuction with VASER and PowerX. Liposelection with VASER and evacuation with powerX will result in less trauma to the patient with a quicker recovery and minimal downtime.”

As with any medical procedure, Dr. Sukkar says he recommends any patient considering a liposuction procedure consult with a properly-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon before undergoing treatment. He says taking the time to select the right practice, equipped with the right tools, will be one of the most important factors in attaining effective, safe, and beautiful results from a cosmetic enhancement like body contouring: “Providing state of the art technology is an indication of a plastic surgeon’s commitment to excellence and his patient’s ultimate result. An appropriate use and selection of the latest technology will allow for the very best for my patients- minimizing their recovery and providing superior outcomes with complementary tools such as VASER and PowerX by Sound Surgical Technologies, INC.”

For more information about the PowerX® Power-Assisted Liposuction procedure, click here.

About Sam M. Sukkar, MD, FACS

Dr. Sam Sukkar graduated from medical school at Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans, after which he completed a general surgery residency at the University of Texas Hermann Hospital at the Texas Medical Center and a plastic surgery residency at Northwestern University. During his training, he was awarded the Thomas D. Cronin Fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the Division of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Sukkar is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He has been selected to Houston Magazine’s “Top Doctors for Women” on several occasions.

Located at 1616 Clear Lake City Blvd Suite 102 in Houston, TX, Sukkar Aesthetic Plastic Surgery can be reached at (281) 940-1535. It can also be contacted online via the website or the Sukkar Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Facebook page.

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