Who doesn’t plan to improve their fitness level or their appearance at the beginning of the year? That is why gym memberships skyrocket in January and February. Looking your best doesn’t have to include a daily struggle at the gym. There are many exciting ways to make a significant change in your appearance with or without surgery.


Countering the effects of facial aging is a top concern of many men and women. Non surgical injectables such as Radiesse® and Juvéderm™ replace lost volume in the midface area which provides a natural lift. This natural lift reduces drooping skin and restores rounder cheeks. For many, that is enough to achieve their goal.

Botox® reduces the appearance of deep expression lines which provides a more approachable look – those frown lines can be intimidating! Combining volumizing filler with Botox is very effective in reducing signs of aging. Injectables are now also used to plump the back of the hands and restore fullness to the neck, reducing that annoying wattle.
Of course, the most long lasting way of lifting sagging skin and restoring youthful contours is through a surgical facelift but if you can’t have surgery or wish to ease into surgical rejuvenation, injectables are a great place to start.


And now to the opposite end of the rejuvenation scale.
A new trend among women who have finished having children is a series of procedures nicknamed the “Mommy Makeover”. This is a tailor made program which usually includes breast augmentation (with or without a breast lift), a tummy tuck and targeted liposuction.

These procedures can be done at the same time in many cases which eliminates the need for multiple surgeries. Because the recovery is done all at once, patients can enjoy their new look in just a few months rather than the years it would take if done individually. Dr. Sukkar is considered among the finest plastic surgeon Houston can provide due to his surgical skill and artistic perception of beauty.

Let this year be the year you achieve your image goals. Contact Dr. Sukkar for a consultation to learn how he can help you meet those goals.

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