You have a high school reunion or a wedding coming up. Question: is there enough time to recovery from my procedure? The answer is…it depends. Certain procedures require more recovery time but in most cases you should be red carpet ready within 4 to 6 weeks.

Dr. Sam Sukkar has a reputation of providing among the best cosmetic surgery Houston has available. He also provides his patients with detailed recovery instructions that are designed to ensure a smooth, uneventful recovery.

The most important thing to keep in mind when timing is important is that everyone heals at a different rate. Allow extra time to heal for a special event especially where you will be the focus of attention.



The most important thing to do after surgery of any kind is to rest. That means ensuring you have help following surgery especially if you have small children. Most procedures such as a face lift, breast augmentation and a tummy tuck will restrict bending or lifting for several weeks. That means someone else has to take care of the heavy lifting for awhile.


Another important tip is to prepare your recovery area so you don’t have to climb stairs, prepare meals or answer the door etc. Have everything you need close to hand such as your medication, water, cold packs your phone.

Pay the bills, get the grocery shopping done, take care of any routine tasks that you would normally do so you can concentrate on just resting and recovering. As stated above, be sure to arrange help at home for as long as possible.


Dr. Sukkar has performed thousands of procedures and knows from experience the do’s and don’ts of recovery. Patients will be advised on when and how to bathe, when they can return to normal activities, and how to care for their incisions.

Follow his instructions concerning what kinds of over-the-counter medications are safe to take. Some can increase bleeding which can create complications. One particularly important thing to avoid is nicotine in all forms as it interferes with the healing process.

With the expertise of Dr. Sukkar and his staff, you can confidently plan to enjoy your new look just in time for spring.

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