Breast Augmentation In Galveston, TX

Every woman has unique preferences regarding breast size and shape. If you feel your breasts are too small, asymmetrical, or have lost fullness after breastfeeding, the Galveston breast augmentation procedure at The Clinic for Plastic Surgery is worth considering.

World-renowned, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sam Sukkar, merges science and artistry to offer the most natural-looking breast augmentation Galveston has to offer. Drawing on his two decades of experience in cosmetic breast work, he can help you select the ideal implant size and style for your physique.

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what is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a procedure that aims to enhance breast size, shape, or cleavage for cosmetic reasons. The most common type of breast augmentation involves placing implants into the breast pocket. Once the implants are in place, the breasts take on a classic feminine silhouette with improved fullness, perkiness, and cleavage.

breast augmentation vs. implants: what is the difference?

Breast augmentation has become synonymous with breast implants. However, breast implants are not the only method of breast enhancement that is available today. Newer procedures such as fat grafting allow patients to increase breast size without relying on implants. After harvesting fat from other body parts with liposuction, your surgeon can perform breast fat injections to add one to two cup sizes. While fat transfer appeals to many women who see it as a more natural approach to breast enhancement, the procedure has some limitations. Board-certified Galveston plastic surgeon Dr. Sukkar can discuss these with you during your consultation.

the difference between breast augmentation and breast lifts

Many women develop sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy. They often feel uncertain whether breast augmentation or a breast lift is the best approach. During breast augmentation, Dr. Sukkar may place implants to give the breasts a perky shape and restore volume to the upper breast pole. However, patients who have significant breast sagging may require a breast lift. A breast lift, or mastopexy, removes the excess skin and tissues to elevate the breasts and areola to a more youthful, perky position. During a breast lift, Dr. Sukkar can place breast implants to increase upper pole volume and enhance breast projection. You can also have a breast lift without implants if desired.

what are the benefits of breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation can significantly improve breast size, contour, symmetry, and cleavage. It can also make deflated breasts appear full and perky again after breastfeeding or weight loss. When the breasts have adequate volume, it is easier to fill out swimsuits, blouses, and bras. This can profoundly impact a woman’s self-image, especially if they have shied away from intimacy or wearing certain clothing styles due to dissatisfaction with their breasts.

Some of the benefits of breast augmentation include:

  • Increased volume
  • Enhanced cleavage
  • More forward projection
  • Correction of asymmetrical breasts
  • Improved fit of clothing, swimwear, and bras
  • Elevation of sagging breasts following weight loss or pregnancy

types of breast implants

For patients in Galveston breast implants come in a wide range of styles. Choosing the ideal implant size and shape depends on your physique, cosmetic goals, and personal preferences. During your consultation, Dr. Sukkar will take the time to review all the options available to you so you can choose the best implant style for your particular needs.

saline breast implants

Saline implants have an outer shell made from silicone. Dr. Sukkar inserts the empty silicone shell into the breast pocket and then fills it with sterile saline fluid.

silicone breast implants

Silicone implants contain a silicone gel encased in a silicone implant shell. Unlike saline implants, the silicone variety comes pre-filled. The texture of the gel resembles the weight and density of natural breast tissue, so the results tend to look and feel more natural than saline implants.

round silicone breast implants

Round implants provide maximum fullness in the upper breast pole due to their uniform, circular shape.

anatomical breast implants

The newest silicone implants have a teardrop shape, giving the breasts a natural, sloped appearance with more fullness in the lower breast pole — just like natural breasts. Due to their cohesive gel texture, anatomic implants are also known as “gummy bear implants.”

pros and cons

Dr. Sukkar prefers silicone implants for a few reasons. For one thing, silicone implants look and feel more realistic. Implant rippling is also less of a concern. The silicone gel is cohesive, so the implants retain their shape for a long time after an implant rupture. When saline implants rupture, they deflate rapidly. This may leave you in a position to undergo an unexpected breast implant replacement surgery. Saline implants may cost slightly less than silicone; however, the benefits of silicone far outweigh the modest price difference.

who is a good candidate for breast augmentation?

Some women choose to undergo breast augmentation because they feel their breasts are too small or disproportionate to their figure. Other women may have obvious asymmetry in which one breast is larger than the other, making it difficult to fill out bras and swimwear. This is also correctible with breast augmentation. Breast implants can also restore upper pole volume in breasts that have become empty after breastfeeding or losing weight.

Dr. Sukkar’s ideal breast enhancement patient:

  • Is not pregnant
  • Is a nonsmoker
  • Is physically and mentally healthy
  • Accepts the potential risks of plastic surgery
  • Desires an increase in breast size, fulness, and projection
  • Wants breasts that are flattering, proportional, and not excessively large

your breast augmentation procedure

Dr. Sukkar will perform the surgery while you are under general anesthesia. First, he will place a small incision in the inframammary crease, within the armpit, or around the areola, depending on what you discussed during your consultation. Next, he will dissect a cavity in each breast to make room for the implant. He may place the implants above or below the pectoral muscle or use a dual-plane approach. He will then insert the implants into the breast pocket and close the incision.

breast augmentation recovery

After breast augmentation, you can return to work in five to seven days.

During your recovery period, you may experience swelling, bruising, and tenderness. Be sure to take all prescribed medications to facilitate your healing. At one week post-op, you’ll come in to see Dr. Sukkar for your first follow-up visit. He will remove your sutures and evaluate your progress. You should be able to return to your normal daily routine within three weeks.

breast augmentation results

Contrary to popular belief, the results of breast augmentation are not visible immediately. You should notice an increase in breast size the day of your surgery, but this is not your final result. It can take several months to a year for the implants to settle into their final position.

schedule your galveston breast augmentation consultation at the clinic for plastic surgery today

Dr. Sam Sukkar is a respected Galveston breast augmentation surgeon with more than 20 years of experience in cosmetic breast procedures. To discover if breast enhancement is right for you, call The Clinic for Plastic Surgery at (281) 940-1535. Dr. Sam Sukkar will help you select the ideal implant style for your needs so you can feel confident and proud when you look in the mirror.


What Size Breast Implants Are Right For Me?

Dr. Sukkar will take measurements of your chest and consider your body frame to help you select your optimal breast implant size.

Do I Need To Have Someone Drive Me Home After My Surgery?

Yes. Grogginess after anesthesia can hinder your ability to drive defensively. If you do not have a trusted individual to drive you home, let Dr. Sukkar’s patient coordinator know ahead of time. They may be able to assist you with finding a care provider.

Is Nipple Sensitivity Affected After A Breast Augmentation?

Any changes in nipple sensation are usually temporary.