Are you in a debate with yourself on whether to have silicone or saline breast implants? If so you are not alone. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of implant but ultimately it comes down to three things:

  • LOOK
  • FEEL

Well placed breast implants of either type look and feel natural while complimenting the woman’s overall proportions. Some women prefer one type over another for reasons other than their appearance but for the most part about 80% of women choose silicone filled implants.


Women tend to choose silicone over saline for several reasons. This implant material feels and moves more like the natural breast. There are many more choices in shape, size and projection giving patients a more custom fit. Patients can also choose whether to have implants that are filled with a more fluid gel or a form stable gel. Implants using cohesive gel silicone have been nicknamed ‘gummy bear’ implants. Cohesive gel, or gummy bear, implants are available in multiple round and teardrop (‘anatomical’) shapes.

The advantage with round implants is that should they rotate within the breast pocket, they will still look natural. In contrast, should the form stable teardrop shaped implants rotate they will look unusual.


Silicone breast implants were removed from the market for several years while studies were done to determine if they were safe. This followed reports of implants leaking and there was legitimate concern that this could be a health risk. In 2006 silicone was again cleared for use in breast implants and this new generation of implants has enjoyed a stellar safety record.


Saline implants have the advantage of using sterile salt water as the filler. In the case of a puncture, the fluid leaks into the surrounding breast tissue where it is naturally eliminated by the body. Some women feel more comfortable knowing this and for them this type of implant will be just as effective in restoring fullness to the breasts but without any anxiety attached.

Saline implants are round and for women who are thin, this might provide a more natural look. Another advantage of saline implants is that the incision for placing them can be much smaller as the implant is inserted empty and filled once it is in place. This also gives Dr. Sukkar the ability to check the size and adjust accordingly before he closes the incision.


Silicone or saline, large or small; these are things that must be decided upon, but there is much more to a beautiful breast implant result than that. Each type of implant has different aspects in shape, feel and movement which must be considered in relation to the body type of each patient.

Achieving fuller breasts that look and feel natural is the goal no matter which type of implant you choose. Dr. Sukkar can help you make the right choice based on his considerable experience in breast implant surgery and a full understanding of your image goals.

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