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Nothing detracts from a man’s facial appearance more than droopy, saggy, baggy eyelids. They make men look older than they are. They often make men look dull. They sometimes make men appear grumpy, tired, unapproachable, unreceptive, and uninteresting. But all of that is avoidable and repairable. So why put up with it?


Blepharoplasty is an elective surgery to correct sagging eyelids. It typically entails removing excess skin and fat while tightening supporting muscles. As muscles weaken over time, fat gathers above and below your eyelids. That, in turn, makes your eyelids appear droopy and baggy.

In some cases, eyelid issues may impair your field of vision. Blepharoplasty can eliminate that problem while making your eyes appear more alert.

At The Clinic for Plastic Surgery in Houston blepharoplasty for men can be performed on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both.


Men’s facial anatomies differ from those of women. Plus, our society has definable traits that we identify with vibrant, energetic masculinity. Great plastic surgeons understand the difference and know how to pursue surgical strategies and techniques designed just for men.

  • Eliminates cosmetic concerns resulting from drooping and tired-looking eyelids
  • Corrects any vision impediments caused by eyelid issues
  • Boosts personal confidence and reduces self-consciousness
  • Produces impressive and long-lasting results
  • Loose skin that creates folds and changes the contour of your upper eyelids
  • Excess skin that hangs down from your upper eyelid
  • Fatty deposits that cause upper eyelid puffiness
  • Bags underneath your eyes
  • Excess skin and wrinkles on your lower eyelids
  • Lower eyelid droopiness that displays white below your irises

Ideal Candidate

You are if you are in good health, want to improve the appearance or function of your eyelids, and have reasonable expectations. Eyelid surgery is not a facelift or a brow lift.

Types of Blepharoplasty

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Upper eyelid surgery is performed using an incision made within the natural creases of your eyelids, which allows your surgeon to remove excess skin and reposition fat deposits.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

Bulging lower eyelids can make men look tired, old, and detached. Along with the aging process and some lifestyle choices, this problem appears to be hereditary.

Your surgeon will make an incision just below your lower lash line. Then, by removing or redistributing fat, removing excess skin, and modifying supporting muscles, much of that “baggy” appearance can be corrected.

Double Eyelid Surgery

Let’s play two! Blepharoplasty can be performed and often is performed on both your upper and lower eyelids. In this combined “doubleheader” procedure, your surgeon will typically opt to work on your upper lids first.

There is another separate, specialized procedure called double blepharoplasty, which refers to a surgery that deliberately creates creases in your upper eyelids. The objective in some cases is to correct eyelid drooping and impaired vision. But in other instances, the surgical goals are purely cosmetic. Ask your surgeon about this option.

The Right Doctor

Blepharoplasty requires elite-level surgical skills combined with a keen eye for human aesthetics. Dr. Sam Sukkar is the founder of The Clinic for Plastic Surgery and is widely regarded as Houston’s premier plastic surgeon. He is double board-certified and particularly known for delivering precise and innovative cosmetic care. Dr. Sukkar warmly invites you to schedule a consultation by calling (281) 940-1535.


Have a relaxed conversation with Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Sukkar about your concerns and goals. You will be asked to provide your medical history to ensure you have no conditions that might disqualify you from blepharoplasty. Next, Dr. Sukkar will perform a physical examination that will include a vision evaluation. Your eyes will be photographed from various angles to help shape strategies and techniques for your surgery.

For a specified period before and after your procedure, you will need to suspend the use of any supplements or medications—such as aspirin—that might promote surgical bleeding.

Recovery & Results

Blepharoplasty is typically performed in an outpatient facility. Your surgeon will inject a numbing agent into your eyelids and give you intravenous medication to help you relax. You should be able to go home later that same day.

You will spend some time in a recovery room following your procedure. You may experience blurred vision, light sensitivity, puffiness or numbness in your eyelids, and some swelling and bruising that may resemble a black eye. If you need pain medication, Dr. Sukkar will prescribe it as appropriate.

Once you are home, apply ice bags to your incision sites for a couple of days. If you wear contacts, you’ll need to go without them for a while, as determined by your doctor. If your surgery uses non-dissolvable sutures, they will be removed when you are sufficiently healed.

Take care to avoid excessive sun exposure on your delicate eyelid skin.

Your final results will not be apparent for about two months. Your tiny surgical scars will continue to fade and heal for about a year. But remember that Dr. Sukkar is a master at making surgical incision sites unnoticeable.

Surveys indicate that blepharoplasty carries a very high patient satisfaction rate.


Dr. Sam Sukkar is Greater Houston’s top plastic surgeon.

He can fix your eyelids and produce vibrant and natural-looking results. Visit us or call (281) 940-1535 to book a consultation for male blepharoplasty in Houston. Let’s get going!


Are there risks or side effects?

Yes, including infection, scarring, bleeding, allergic reactions, and adverse reactions to anesthesia. Call your doctor immediately if you experience:

* Chest pain
* Bleeding
* Severe eye pain
* Vision problems

How popular is male blepharoplasty?

Eyelid surgery is the second most performed cosmetic procedure for American men, with well over 30,000 surgeries performed annually. And that number increases every year.

Can blepharoplasty be combined with other procedures?

Yes, including facelift, brow lift, and skin resurfacing.

What’s the best age for a man to seek eyelid surgery?

You can undergo blepharoplasty at any age, but 40 seems to be the most popular time for men to consider this procedure.

Can blepharoplasty fix my hooded eyes?

In some cases, yes, but if a low eyebrow causes that hooded look, you may be a better candidate for a brow lift.

Will insurance cover the costs of my blepharoplasty?

If your eyelid issues are causing vision problems, your insurance may cover all or some of the costs. Determine your eligibility for coverage prior to your procedure.

If my insurance won’t pay, what are the costs?

That will depend on a variety of factors, including:

* Your type of procedure
* Your geographic location
* Your surgeon and surgical facility
* Prescription medications

Is Male Blepharoplasty painful?

Blepharoplasty is a relatively low-pain procedure, and most patients only experience a three to four out of ten on the pain scale in the days following.

Is Male Blepharoplasty permanent?

Male blepharoplasty is considered permanent or long-term, however, this procedure cannot stop long-term signs of further aging.

How much does Male Blepharoplasty cost?

The cost of male blepharoplasty often varies depending on the specific needs of each patient. In some cases, when functional issues are being corrected, this procedure may be covered by medical insurance.