Natural looking breast augmentation

Several factors can influence the final outcome of your breast augmentation. From the breast implant type to your desired size, you will have different options to choose from during your consultation with Dr. Sam Sukkar. One of these decisions will be the placement of your breast implants – either over or under the pectoralis muscle. This is a major factor that can affect how natural your results look. During your consultation, Dr. Sukkar will perform a physical examination and listen to what you hope to achieve through surgery to ultimately recommend which placement is best for your needs.

In general, breast implants placed under the muscle tend to look natural on more women. Since more tissue covers the implant, a more subtle breast slope is achieved. This technique is especially recommended for patients with very little breast tissue present, since the extra layer of muscle will help disguise the implant.

Placement of breast implants over the muscle, however, can be a preferred option for some individuals. If there is an adequate amount of breast tissue already present, the implants may provide a natural look without the additional layer of muscle. When breast implants are placed over the muscle, this typically provides a more comfortable and faster recovery period.

In the end, both options can provide beautiful results for the right candidates. This is why it is important to schedule a consultation to discuss your cosmetic goals, allowing Dr. Sukkar to help you make an informed decision about your procedure. Contact us to book your appointment!

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